Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shits and giggles at Chelsea Handler... Then off to London to get my Wedding invite!

Ahhhhh…. aren’t they just the cutest! So happy and shiney! It’s almost a toothpaste commercial.

What are they smiling about I hear you ask? In a nutshell, two things…

1. It had been atleast 17 years since they’d all been in the same room together
2. They were about to go see Chelsea Handler

Let me introduce… First up is Mrs Woog (with her ample cleavage) and any regular reader here may know that she is the Queen of the Mundane and my first wife. Followed by the Divine Ms M who got me my first ever two jobs in media, a guru in every way. Next up is Sawhole, Australia’s most famous blogger without an actual blog, and sometimes mistaken for Mrs Woog. Last, moi, with some very big hair.

We were all Uni friends until Mrs Woog and I had our nasty bust-up one bar night that ended our brief marriage, which incidentally was performed by Sawhole. The fight was either over who was getting last drinks or that I was sleeping with boys, can’t be sure, but both very serious matters. And in every divorce the friends are divided – Mrs Woog got them all! Damn her and her mysterious ways. I still blame the fact they all had uteruses, which they’ve all managed to use successfully over the years and produce a flock of children.

Now we are back in each other lives with a vengeance (well online atleast), still talking over the top of each other, still stopping traffic with the screech of our voices. To discuss the night in more detail I defer to Woogsworld – cause quite frankly I am too busy and important to give this subject any more time… Suffice to say Chalesea Handler’s stand-up was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I ached, both in stomach and head, from laughing so hard. The only thing that outshined Chelsea that night was my pleasure at again sitting with Mrs Woog, Sawhole and the Divine Ms M. I adores them!

But back to me being so busy and important… I’m bashing this post out in record time cause I’ve got my favourite type of shopping to do – DUTY FREE SHOPPING!!!!!  Duty-free shopping combines so many of my absolute favourite things – planes, airports, shopping and luxury goods I can’t afford. I’ve mentioned before the strange happiness I feel when at an airport, throw in some bargains and some fragrances and I am almost on a sexual high.
I’ve got a quick little work trip to London for a work conference so St. Murphy is going to be some what disrupted over the coming week. I’m calling on some favours from friends so you don’t get bored. If I’m scatty with my posts blame the jet lag. Or that I’m stalking the cast of Eastenders. Or that I am chasing down my goddamn invitation to the Royal Wedding which still hasn’t arrived yet.

I will return home with that invite, I promise you that.

Gotta dash, got one of those yellow bags I need to fill!


Ms Styling You said...

I'm so with you on the airport shopping thing (I'm glad I'm not alone on that!) and which I'd been with you guys on Thursday night. x

Mrs Woog said...

jell-ass. Buy me a carton ok x

Janie G said...

St Murphy, i believe your divorce with Mrs Woog was actually over who 'Tossed the Boss' first!! Loving the photos of you lot - you all look fabulous! Enjoy shopping - jealous!!

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