Monday, March 21, 2011


Purple is my absolute new favourite colour.

That is all.

I love it.

To prove it here are some pics of what I wore home.
My new watch 
My cute little shoes
My fav T
Too much? Me thinks so too.

Could even be considered embarrassing.

But I do love purple.

They say it’s a sign of sexual frustration…


Jo said...

Wow. You're terrible at haiku.

Toushka Lee said...

Purple is very nice
I totally love the watch.
that T-shirt looks blue..

the above haiku was inspired by your previous commenter. anywhoooo purple is not a sign of sexual frustration. it's just a colour. It's my son's favourite too.
glad your blog is ok - I spotted a tweet over the weekend that seemed to imply your blog had been disappeared!

Anonymous said...

I am seriously lusting after that watch and those shoes. Maybe I'm sexually frustrated too then?

Stylish Mummy said...

Very noice! I die!

Anonymous said...

I love purple too
magic, passion, spirituality, creativity, meditation, royality (cant get more royal than "prince" Carmela xo

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