Friday, July 15, 2011

Loree Rudd; join in the laughter with me!

WARNING: loaded with sarcasm!

Do you know what, sometimes you just have to laugh! There are times that something is just so ridiculous that you have to laugh or the alternative, to take it seriously, would result in anger management issues. Laugh or punch the wall? Today I choose to laugh.
Loree and Kevin Rudd
My case in point today is the delightful sister of our Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. Before yesterday I’d never heard of this charming senior citizen who is so obviously intimately connected with her community. Her name is Loree Rudd and she is just a sensitive, caring woman who has beauty in her heart. She believes, and has now stated very publicly, that gays lobbying for equal rights are akin to the Gestapo who slaughtered millions of innocent people.

Of course we are darling, just like the Gestapo!

See what I mean? Some things are just so ridiculous you just have to laugh.

Normally I turn a weird shade of purple and verbally abuse whenever I come across such ignorance in thinking. Possibly I’m getting old or my medication has finally kicked in, because today I choose to laugh. Even the great intellect and insight of Loree could not anger me. I do feel though that we need to discuss in more detail the comments of Loree, she deserves our attention.
Oh Loree, you look so sweet, but yet...
She first came to my attention in a story on The Australian website. The whole story is a lesson in true humanity, but particularly the last three paragraphs excite me…

Ms Rudd said she did not want to demonise gay people, but was bound by her faith that marriage is only between a man and woman.
She said there was a worldwide gay movement that "fed propaganda" to lobby for the changes.
"I call them the global gay Gestapo: it is the lobbying movement that is brainwashing people, particularly the young in the community that this (homosexuality) is an optional extra in life," she said.
Now I’m going to turn off my Sarcasm Switch that I have so obviously had on ON during the first half of this post, lets get down to seriousness. I need to make a number of points, just in reference to these final 3 paragraphs…

1.    The fact that she says that ‘she did not want to demonise gay people’ means that she already knows that she has. That is distinctly un-Christian behaviour Loree.

2.    Using ‘faith’ as an excuse to get away with saying and believing whatever suits your needs revolts me. Christianity is not an excuse to discriminate, alienate and force your beliefs on others.

3.   ‘fed propaganda’, I can’t even begin to understand what she means? Propaganda such as loving adult relationships, lifelong partnerships and a fundamental human desire for equality? Yes, I can see how someone as narrow-minded and as selfish as Loree could see that as propaganda.

4.    I’m resisting her Gestapo reference for the moment. Skipping along to the apparent ‘brainwashing’ that equality lobbyists are undertaking, as if being homosexual is like joining a cult or the Stockholm Syndrome. Fuck, if all it took was some brainwashing to turn someone gay don’t you think Brad Pitt would be batting for the better team by now?

5.    This was the absolute hardest opinion of Loree to ignore when deciding to laugh rather than be angry. She infers that this ‘brainwashing’ teaches the young that being gay is ‘an optional life extra’. I beg of you Loree, please speak with any gay or lesbian, ask them if they chose being gay or if they were lucky enough for it to choose them? Now I’m quietly confident that you have never associated yourself with an out, proud, confident, comfortable homosexual so call me and I’ll introduce you to some. Ask them if being gay is at the core of who they are, if it’s something they intuitively and fundamentally know about themselves and they will all have the same answer – YES! No one taught us, no one trained us, no one brainwashed us to be gay. We are gay because that is how we were born.

Loree, you deserve absolutely not a second more of my time, my anger or my frustration. What you get is laughter! I laugh at you! Someone as ignorant, as narrow-minded and as disrespectful as you does not deserve anything more. Actually, what you do deserve is my pity. I pity you because your ignorance of diversity will result in a sheltered, boring, little life.

Gay sermon over.
The Power Gays (artists formerly known as Gaystapo)
Truth be known, time to come clean: A group of fabulous friends and I recently started calling ourselves the Gaystapo. We’ve found this mildly amusing. Now to be very clear, we coined this name not because we aim to discriminate, vilify and ultimately kill millions of people but more because we are militant in our homosexuality and overt campness. See, we are as gay as Christmas and if a bar fight at Stonewall broke out we’d run like the wind. The term Gaystapo is truly ironic when applied to us. But after hearing Loree use this reference with the tone that she has I think we’ll return to calling ourselves the Power-Gays. Equally appropriate I think.


Queensland Girl said...

Well said. Unfortunately there will always be bigoted people, hiding behind religion and commenting on things that are nothing to do with them.

Her comments show complete ignorance and a small minded attitude.

Are the Labor party supposed to be shaking in their boots that this silly old woman is going to quit?

I too had never heard of her until this and I imagine will never hear of her again!

Anonymous said...

Someone standing behind their god again to justify their existence. Have an original thought. This may be too scary for some as it would question their very existence and open up a flood gate....... Bring on noah's arc. Carmela

Anonymous said...

....... Imagine ..... for one moment, you have no GOD.
Who are YOU? ..........Carmela

Anonymous said...

St Murphy halleluia and AMEN to that
I'm not gay but have some wonderful
Friends that are gay and for some idiots
To say that gays are gay for any other
reason than that is how GOD made them
have not gone through the struggles of
A gay person accepting their BIRTH RIGHT
and coming out for fear of acceptance
From small minded sinners who judge like
Ms Rudd
White_Oprah63 xx

Anonymous said...

My comments are towards Ms Rudd and other your blog Carmela x

Jo said...

Must admit I had seen Lorree Rudd's name come up in the media this week but didn't know this was the reason. People like Lorree just make me shake my head and say "Seriously!?" If I was Kev, I'd be telling my sister to keep her mouth closed.

Sunny Shamrock said...

Well if she believed in the Bible she would know that as a divorced women she will be burn in hell. If she wants to avoid that fate she must repent, return to her husband and obey him. Otherwise I will see her in hell

Ross said...

I stumbled across this blog randomly when searching for information about Loree Rudd. Rafael Epstein interviewed her the other day on 774ABC Melbourne about this "controversy," and in my view she came across as fairly reasonable.

Would it be fair to say that marriage equality campaigners regard anyone who opposes their movement as homophobic, or is that a generalisation? That's the impression that I get.

Deborah Cook said...

I think her embroidered cardy in photo 2 says it all.

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