Friday, March 18, 2011

A London quickie today...

A very quick one today… conference, conference, dinner, conference. I'm a busy gal on the go, I'm the Aussie version of a gay Carrie Bradshaw in London.

The first thing I have to share is the most PHENOMENAL Will & Kate wedding souvenir that you could possible imagine. The beautiful StylingYou bought it to my attention. Will and Kate acrylic nails. I am so getting some before I come home. Can you imagine turning up for a meeting with me and I’ve got these on? Or paying for my groceries at check-out? Hysterical.

I’ve now mastered dressing for the sub-arctic temperatures over here. Its substance over style. So the first two layers are about presentation cause that’s what you have on once in the office. The third layer is about warmth so I’ve got some ratty old cardigans for that. Fourth layer is the jacket. Got to have layers 3 and 4 to go outside or you risk hyperthermia. Never been so cold in my life and its allegedly spring. No wonder I hate snow.

The new Marks and Spencer undies are truly beautiful. Going back today to get some more. Except this time I may buy bigger than a Small. What the hell was I thinking??? I haven’t been a Small since I was 12 (and that’s not bragging, that’s because of my waist). So they are a little on the tight side. Talk about an overshare on the undies story….

I often joke about how anal I am about real dumb things. One of those things is unpacking in a hotel room. I completely unpack as soon as I walk in even if its just one night. Just to prove it, check out how I keep bathroom shelf and wardrobe in a hotel room I’m only in for a few nights…

Lucky I’m only here for 2 more days cause now that I have the latest issue of Time Out I coulda got myself into some real trouble… I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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Nicstar said...

I want the nails!! LOL! I would love to have them on and rock on up at my parents...the big joke in my family is how as a kid I was obsessed with Princess Di, and then when Prince William was born I oscillated between wanting him to be my brother, and then wanting to marry him. My parents would DIE of laughter if I rocked on up at theirs one weekend and casually flashed my Will & Kate nails! I wonder if they sell online? Gonna hunt them down!

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