Thursday, March 10, 2011

Forget manbags. I want a handbag!

Why is it socially acceptable for women to carry gorgeous big handbags but not men? Why can’t I carry a Marc Jacobs tote or a beautiful Chanel? It is an outrage that I’d be mocked incessantly if I did.

This injustice has been upsetting me for years, both for practical and aesthetic reasons. Gone are the days a man can get by with just wallet in back pocket, keys in the front. I carry so much shit around with me that I need a bag, and a decent sized one at that. And manbags, as a general rule, are boring, ugly, bland things that scream ‘try-hard briefcase’. Women’s handbags are beautiful pieces of art and fashion.
Gorgeous Marc
I ache for a bag with loads more colour and personality! Something with tassels, embroidery or a solid gold chain. I want a bag that says something about me other than “my day job is a banker-wanker”. Not all men are serious business-types. I want a handbag that says sexy, masculine, living-life-on-the-(gay)-edge. With quilt stitching.
Ahhhh.... Chanel
Now I’m all fired up about this today as my two leading ladies, my mentors & goddesses, both blogged about handbags this week. StylingYou has solved the fashion v’s practical dilemma for women and Mrs Woog has bared far too much by itemizing her handbag contents. Both have rubbed it in my face that I am a second-class citizen who can’t carry a Burberry. Isn’t it bad enough I can’t get married, now this inequality as well. Too much.

Why does everyone presume that all men are intuitively corporate and like a bag that is the exact shape of their laptop? And there is absolutely no variation on the dull as batshit brown or black. Even just a splash of colour would make me happier. Its not like we are choosing bags that are appropriate for a funeral, we’re talking about everyday use here. C’mon luxury labels and men’s designers – give me something more to choose from.
My current handbag has a shimmer to it and is quite elegant/sporty. Its just a little something I picked up in Paris. But its still black and is possibly designed for the younger man (so un-me to try and dress younger than I am!). And it is absolutely crammed full of crap; change, keys, charger, diary, Nicobate patches, Zantac, discs, Berocca, nut bars, and those lovely tuna-dip things that I’m currently addicted to. I got alotta stuff that I need to have with me at all times. A decent-sized bag is essential.
My current handbag
And don’t even get me started on wallets. Many years ago I upgraded from the traditional men’s wallet to what can only be described as a purse. Everything in life these days requires a card so I need the slot room. I bought my purse in the ladies section of a Bangkok department store. “Yes, it’s a gift” I shamefully said to the shop assistant. But I shall be ashamed no more!
My purse.
So to summarise I just don’t feel the men’s fashion industry has …
A) Kept apace with the dramatic increase in the volume of shit men now need to carry, and…
B) Realised that some men like a bit of personality in their leather-goods.

Most importantly, society should be more accepting of those men who want and need to carry a Coach.

Today I officially start my campaign for it to be socially acceptable for men to carry big glamorous handbags that have tassels.

Join with me men! Handbags for all!


Kim (frog ponds rock) said...

Just carry one anyway. Who cares if you are gently mocked by your friends, They will really just be mocking you to cover their jealousy that they didn't start carrying a handbag first. Purple is always good.

Ms Styling You said...

St Murphy, I so support your right to carry a handbag - actually I'd like to see ALL men carry one. You know why? I'm tired of carrying all their stuff for them in mine!
PS. Love it that you live on the edge but would like some quilted stitching!

Jo said...

Here I am thinking you visit me for a chat, but no - you visit me to covet my voluminous studded lady-bag.

Mrs Woog said...

Work it baby WORK IT!
Go the Marc Jacobs one - the other is a bit too Double Bay Madam.

Hamish von Trapp said...

I have a man-bag - maybe in reality it is more a briefcase, but it is made out of pony hide.

Sarah Derrig said...

As a woman who is ADDICTED to designer handbags and has a closet full of them I say go and buy yourself a bag! Who cares what anyone else thinks!! It will make you feel SO DIVINE carrying around a nice Marc or Chanel or LV! JUST DO IT! If we lived in the same city I would so let you raid my handbag wardrobe for try outs! DO IT DO IT DO IT!

Carmen said...

You're not allowed to carry a bag sweetie, because on this one occasion your sense of style has let you down. Not a single australian designer mentioned. I know how odd it is for me to give fasion advice but let me introduce you to the pleasures of "Spencer and Rutherford" then you find a brief bag that says something about your personality - well my at least

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