Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twitter Twitter Little Star

It was during last years MasterChef finale that I finally got Twitter. Had dabbled before this but really didn’t get what its purpose was, same way I don’t think I’ll ever get the National Party. But we’d heard a rumour that the winner had been leaked online and for those of us working on the show this was a HUGE deal. We literally mounted Twitter and just watched this unbelievably massive, fascinating, funny, fast, insightful, completely random conversation unfold about our show. It was PHENOMENAL. Only guesses were made as to who the winner was so all good on that front, but what it did do was open up for me this whole new world that I now love and adore like I do the Australian swimming team or Foxtel IQ.

I’m now obsessed with Twitter. In a rather short space of time I’ve realised it has become my crutch, my happy-place, my reason for living, just like Madonna did in 1984. I’ve even managed to make it part of my job description (thanks boss!). But why I wonder, why? I have my theories but find it so hard to explain to non-Twitterers. So I’ve given up trying and would much rather talk about what its done for me. Cause lets be honest its always ALL ABOUT ME!

There are so many ridiculously fabulous people on Twitter. Just so many! For those who think its all about the Kutchers or Kardashians of the world, shame on you! The real stars of Twitter are the completely random, ‘normal’, funny, clever people who get a buzz out of life and share it. They’re not walking red-carpets or signing autographs, but burping babies and trying to pick up in nightclubs. And you ‘meet’ all these people that you otherwise never would in your day-to-day life, and I love that. Your social sphere EXPLODES on Twitter.

If you give it some time you also find yourself becoming part of cool little communities. And these communities of people that you’ve never met I would now, in a weird/stalker sort of way, consider my friends. The hilarious, brilliant and brutally honest Mrs Woog at @woogsworld has introduced me to so many intelligent, funny, successful women who’s commonality is being a mum. Lead by @SawHole and @StylingYou, I now feel part of their world which in a lot of ways is so remote to mine. I now cyber-share in their antics, and trust me, there is never a dull moment. I love it! Mrs Woog is my new mentor, in life and online. She drinks like a fish.

And being the professional homosexual that I am – 15 years at the top of my game – I have naturally gravitated towards following the camp, the ridiculous, the anti-Liberal, the gossip, the G(ay)-List. Twitter proves that queens are the funniest people in the world. Yes, it’s a tad voyeuristic just watching their lives unfold, but fascinating for a dirty old semi-retired queen like me. @sleemol and @simieboy leave me particularly awe-struck, along with @jamesfindlay. Through Twitter you also learn that there are so many people achieving amazing things that you would otherwise be unaware - I’m going out to buy @benjaminlaw’s book after being introduced to his twitter and I would love to see @flyfromnearby’s photography exhibition.

And then there’s my beloved television. I’ve been a television publicist since Seinfeld was on air – that’s first runs - and media obsessed long before that. Twitter is for television what shooting up is for heroine! Nothing happens in media without it being dissected on Twitter with the majority of key publications and journo’s all posting. This makes me look so good at work! I’m constantly shooting out stories to colleagues as the links come through on Twitter, I’m sure I’ve convinced them I’m amazing for staying on top of every breaking story. Ha, got them fooled. Just the one site for me thanks.

So now that I’ve become quite used to sharing stuff in 140 characters I’m dead-keen to start sharing more. I gave it a crack at Mrs Woogs blog with a rant about gay marriage. We think we did good with that one – have a read and let us know what you think. This blog will definitely be a lot more of that, gay politics means a shitload to me. Other than that, I’m still working that out. There’ll be some television, there’ll be some pop-culture stuff, possibly some travel, definitely complete random shit, but it will all be camp I promise. I am a professional homosexual after-all.

NEXT POST: Probably should explain who I am and what I’m about so lets call it a bio. And with pics. 

P.S. Sorry about the shocking design of the page, I'm a complete novice.


Ms Styling You said...

St Murphy, I LOVE it! Cannot wait for more. Feel very chuffed at the inclusion too. Adding you to the Styling You blog roll right now xx

Mumstrosity said...

Welcome aboard the blogosphere, I can tell there will be lots of good reading to come :)

SawHole said...

I will be an avid reader and promoter of your blog. Can you please include lots of pics of your dogs and random Redfern shots (oh how I miss)? I also have a funny pic of you, Kyrie, myself, Janie and a few others outside 204 Seymour that we should share one day. Because it is all about you, and a bit of moi.

Tina Gray said...

Welcome to the dark side ;) I can tell this is going to be one of my favourite reads.

Anonymous said...

Well this is exciting!

Mrs Woog said...

You will be a welcome read in my house. Write your guts out love! xix

Jo said...

Well it's about frikkin' time.

bigwords is... said...

Well done, great post. Good on you, my new twitter friend x

Anonymous said...


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