Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A tale of heart and Grace

Now this little tale will warm the cockles of your heart! Its a guest post from the beautiful Shannon Molloy, one of Brisbane's finest journalists, PR maven and social media guru. In many respects Shannon and I were seperated at birth - except he is much younger and prettier, and has a much bigger heart. Over to Shannon to tell you his story...

A few weeks ago, I received an email invitation to attend Grace’s seventh birthday afternoon tea party.  Problem was, I don’t know any kids with that name.  I clicked through to the link to RSVP and noticed a bunch of Molloy surnames on the attendee list.  Then, I noticed the address was in San Francisco.

Needless to say, the invitation wasn’t meant for me.  I emailed the organiser and birthday girl’s mum, Mary, to let her know and she explained that a stray full stop meant her sister’s invite came to me.

We exchanged a few pleasant emails and I wished her the best for the big day.  Then, and I’m still not sure why, I decided to send Grace a birthday present.

I figure I’d been invited and the family might get a chuckle out of a random gesture, and picked a six-tier cookie box tower.  Then, I forgot all about it.

Until today, the day of the party, when Mary sent me the sweetest email.

Dear Shannon,

Thank you so very much for Grace's present!! She was thrilled, and especially so when I told her the story of how you came to know about her party. She was absolutely delighted. She couldn't believe someone from the other side of the world, who doesn't even know her, sent her a present, and not just any present, but six of them filled with cookies and goodies! 

I am forwarding you pictures of Grace and her friends at the party, and the first one was taken right when she received your present.

Again, thank you. It was just so very kind, and it really made Grace feel special! The babysitter was here when the gift arrived, and she started crying when she heard the story.

My mother now thinks we may be related, and we all want you to know that if you ever find yourself in San Francisco, you need to call.

My brother, who has been to Australia a couple of times, said you just reinforced what he always thought about Australians, that you are very kind people.

I could go on and on, but to say the least, everyone who has heard this story has been touched by your kindness.

It is people like you who truly restore my faith in humankind. 

Mary and Grace
I was a little surprised at what an impact such a simple gesture had made, especially when that had quickly slipped my mind.  I was also incredibly touched.  This was hardly what I sought to achieve when I made that snap decision to send a stranger – a child no less – a gift on her birthday.  And yet, I’m not sure what I hoped to achieve.

Mary’s wonderful email put a smile on my face all day, as did the pictures of Grace’s awesome party.  It seems I’ve made friends with some delightful members of the Molloy clan in San Francisco and I may just take them up on the offer of a visit if I’m ever in town.  They seem like really nice people.

Shannon delights the world on Twitter here. Please follow, you'll love him like I do.


Phil & Bern said...

Oh what a beautiful heart Shannon! Bern_morley xxx

Anonymous said...

adorable story. xx Jo Pap

Mel Kettle said...

that's a fantastic story. good on you! And definitely go to San Francisco because the people and the city are fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful story - Thank you Steve for posting this. With such negativity in the world it's amazing how such a simple gesture can bring so much happiness. If only more people could simply raise their heads in the streets and smile at a stranger... such small things make a huge difference. Good one Shannon - we need more people like you on this earth.
Jodie Oldexx
(PS - Get to San Fran for sure.... but make sure you go via NYC)

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