Thursday, May 12, 2011

Man's Greatest Curse

I believe that the Man-Flu is one of the most crippling, debilitating diseases known to humanity and much more money needs to be invested into medical research to find a cure.

Men should not have to suffer like this!
Dramatic re-enactment of Man-Flu!
I was on deaths-door this week with a devastatingly bad dose of the Man-Flu. It hit me like a tonne of bricks Monday afternoon and by 6pm I was reaching for the phone to call my mummy. By 8pm I was trolling convenience stores for cold&flu pills, by 10 I was ready to call an ambulance. Why does this strain of flu hit men so hard, why are we being punished like this?

Is it because we can lift heavy things? Or because we can pee standing up? Or because we aren’t expected to wear heels? I just don’t understand.

Now while I have suffered in silence these past few days (cough! cough!), it has been brought to my attention that some women feel that men are whingers when it comes to the dreaded Man-Flu. Let me assure you we are not. I went through 6 hankies, 2 packs of Codral, endless Aspro Clear, 4 litres of orange juice, 2 Hawaiian pizza’s, a large Cadbury’s block and box of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies – now that is sick!
So sick!
I was even known to moan out loud! (but just thinking about that it could have been indigestion)

The only saving grace of the devastating Man-Flu is that in my experience it passes quite quickly. It could have been the sheer volume of drugs I took that cleared it up in 2 days? Or what I think is much more likely is that men are bred incredibly tough and resilient, and our bodies fight such disease with great gusto and determination to rid ourselves of it as quick as possible. We do not whinge, we do not whine, we just fight the good fight and get on with life.

Just like I did this week! (cough! choke! cough!)

Back at my desk by Thursday with a spring in my step and a glow in my cheeks - Man-Flu beaten once again!

On describing my critical condition to my dear colleague and Melbourne’s very best, KDPublicity, she insisted I watch this YouTube video…

KD, what are you trying to tell me???

Thanks everyone for your support and love during this incredibly tough and trying time, me and my Man-Flu thank you.

And just thank your higher-power that us men don’t have to go through child-birth.


Hear Mum Roar said...

I curse everyday that men don't give birth! lol.

I hope you have recovered from your man flu. My four year old son scratched a mozzie bite on his leg today and drew a drop of blood. He did a brilliant dying swan act, I just know one day he's going to be an excellent contender for man flu:P

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