Thursday, March 24, 2011

Single gay man looking... MONEY STUFF

There things that I know about myself…

-       I get addicted to things very easily
-       I am inherently lazy
-       I love boys
-       I like to feel pretty
-       I am bad with money

Today, lets focus on the I am bad with money!

When I say bad with money I mean embarrassingly bad for a man of my education and age. Like a tween with their first mobile I have no concept of limitations. My entire adult life has been spent filling in the gaps between financial disasters. First there was the post-Uni spending blitz where I first lost my financial dignity. There was the borrowing bond/rent off work-mate incident only late last century. And then the near-fatal credit card frenzy only a matter of years ago. I’m here to tell you that the person who suggested to me ‘apply to all banks online and see how many you can get’ is no longer my friend. Took many years to clear that debt but jeez I had a great year. Those of you who know me, that’s the year I refer to as the ‘dark year’.

I’m not bad in the sense that I’ve invested in Nigerian oil schemes or played risky on the stockmarket. I’m bad in a much more childish way in that I simply want to spend more than I have. I have a very short attention span and like shiney, new things. I also love to have a good time – or GT’s as we like to call them - which is where most of my (relatively) hard-earned cash has gone over the years. I guess it’s the prioritizing that I struggle with. Seeing a bank balance go up ever so slowly is no where near as exciting as a night on Oxford St. I also spend the GDP of New Zealand on healthcare; I love a quick remedy and a supplement. But more about that another time…

So money stuff has never been my strong point. Over the last few years though I have been much, much better. That’s because of the influence of exBoyfriend who is BRILLIANT at the prioritising. He’s a clever-money man. He even managed to inspire me to have some assets! I’ve got a house and a car now! Who would have ever have thought? Not any one who met me in the ‘dark year’ that’s for sure. I love having the assets, makes me feel all grown-up, I can see what this saving thing can do for you now. Stroke of genius really.

Cash is top of mind today because it has come the time for me to move into my new place, finally cutting the financial-umbilical with exBoyfriend. Of course I have nothing in the tank for a curveball like this so it’s become this intense juggling act of what I can afford, when and what the priorities should be. There are some things that are a must like fridge, lounge and bed – all practical necessities. Then there are the highly desirable things such as a decorative armchair, ornate glassware and funky lamps. There is A LOT of stuff on the wish list! It is a new home and new life after-all.

So all my new skills, acquired through exBoyfriend, are being put to the test now I’m an independent spirit. My new mantra is “Do you need it? Can you afford it?”. This is in sharp contrast to my previous mantra which was “Does it make you feel good? How does it look on you?”. It really is a whole new way of looking at your wishlist. The plush linen and giant towels are going to have to wait until after I have some pots and pans.

So far I think I’m doing real good, I’m quietly very proud of myself. No crazy purchases or impulse internet buys. No superfluous new trinkets. There’s a very strategic financial plan in place that means no big boozey nights or Nudi jeans but rather sensibly priced homewares and electricity bond. I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe, I am finally a grown-up after-all. Perfect timing really. 


Ms Styling You said...

I wish I could offer you words of wisdom but I'm crap at it too. Will bask in your grown-upness. x

Jo said...

You could just ASK me to buy you a martini, y'know.

Sarah said...

Ooooh can you lend some of that grown-up-ness to me?! I am the worlds worst! In fact, exchange the word "boy" for "girl" and seriously, we are: Separated. At. Birth.

Anonymous said...

I'm crap too! Do you remember when we blew all the bond money on cocktails??! Fun night though xx

Mrs Woog said...

One of your best posts yet! xx

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