Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Belle of the Ball

There is a legend in my hometown of Griffith of Hermit’s Cave. It’s a place up on the hill that a man turned into a home during WW2. He literally turned a cave into his castle and he lived up there for years. A lot of the structures he built are still there today, and a bit of a tourist attraction.  Also a spot for teenage drinking and ghost tours but that’s a whole other story.
Hermit's Cave - Griffith
Everyone in Griffith knows Hermit’s Cave. Not sure why he did it, always thought he must have been a bit crazy. But after the last few weeks I’m starting to think maybe I’ve got a bit of hermit in me. His cave sounds dreamy!
Being a hermit has worked quite well for me for the last month or so but now its time for this caveman to re-emerge! I’ve been stuck in my own head for weeks now, and truth be known, I’ve started to go a little crazy. There's far to many other people in my head, it gets crowded.
Outside of work I’ve pretty much lived like the old man on the hill (except for all my modern luxuries of course!). My people skills have gone out the window. All of my social contact has come through this little computer screen. If it wasn’t for Twitter, Facebook and this blog my social contact has been terrifyingly limited.

I realised today that this is not exactly healthy. I miss friends, bars and witty face-to-face banter. I miss getting dressed up in a disco outfit and doing my hair. I miss meeting new people and mocking Liberal politicians with like-minded people. Its time to pretend I’m a debutante and make my entrance into society.
I want a chariot!
I’m not good with change and so much change all at once made me long to be like Griffith’s hermit. But now I’ve got my head around that, and everything is falling into place, I’m putting my party-frock back on.

I want to be the Belle of the Ball rather than the man in Hermit's Cave!


Hamish von Trapp said...

looking forward to catching up friday

Lisa Tait said...

That cave looks devine.

Nicstar said...

right I'll take this blog as a no excuse for us catching up at some point in time! ;)

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