Friday, February 25, 2011

My ego has got me into trouble again!

If I had a dollar for every time my ego got me into trouble… well I wouldn’t be sitting on this cheap couch wearing a holey t’shirt. I’d be sipping cocktails in the Maldives!

This time it’s a doozey and doesn’t actually involve a bar, a mirror or a little white lie.
Late last year I got a phone call from a guy who was organising a social media conference and he wanted to know if I would be interested in presenting. Still not sure how he got my number but I loved that he did. As everyone knows I am social media obsessed, both personally and professionally. Over the last year it has become more and more a part of my job. We’re doing some pretty cool stuff at work and that’s why he wanted to talk to me.

At the time I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had done real well with my subjects that semester for my Masters and was having visions of a life in Academia while writing fascinating lengthy texts on communications theory. I was up for anything. It’s a brave new world out there in research and I was loving it.

And. Most importantly. My ego was completely flattered that they were interested in me! And that they thought I had something to offer.

If he had of even hinted that he thought I was attractive we would now be married and living in the south of France. That’s how far gone I was.

So of course I agreed immediately which was followed by a quick chat about potential content. Then I weirdly put it to the back of my mind over summer and just knew that it was something I had coming up. I foolishly didn’t read the correspondence with an alert eye so until last week I really didn’t understand what exactly I’d got myself into. Let me cut to the chase…

It’s a 45min presentation to Marketing people about the impact and potential for social media.

Let me say that again… 45 MINUTES!
My worst nightmare.
Holy hell, I don’t even know that many words. I have no idea how many pages that is even, or slides, or whatever it is that I should be reading/showing/discussing. I have been so unbelievably stressed about it I can not tell you. It has sent me into a complete meltdown this past week as I pull together what I think it should be. I’ve got some great peeps sending me articles and helping me out, and the beautiful boys in Digital are saving my ass BIG TIME. It will certainly look schmick thanks to them. Slowly I’m getting there. As of late yesterday I am starting to think the content could actually be getting close to the money. Phew!

Which only leaves one oustanding issue. How the hell am I gonna pull it together in front of all these people!

I’ve got a lot of practice at weddings, birthdays and family events with, fair to say, mixed reviews. There was the time I accidently dropped the C-bomb at a friends 21st – Gran was not happy – that memory now haunts me. Its gonna take all my will-power in the world to not race through it and find I’m finished in 20 mins, I’d have to dance for the remaining 25. I’ve even considered wearing something revealing, with just a hint of nipple, to distract the crowd. I can’t even consider imagining them all naked cause god knows where that will take my mind. There will be many sleepless nights between now and D-day.

And all this grief just because in the briefest of moments I let my ego get away from me. Now I’m just praying that it will be one of those life experiences that seems so worth it once it is over. 

All over by 10.30am Monday.


Anonymous said...

You will do great!!!!!!!! Once you get talking, they will be there for 3 hours!!!

Ms Styling You said...

You be fine - they'll fall in love with you from the moment you open your mouth! I did public speaking courses last year and have a tried and true formula on how to structure your talk - email me if you want me to send that through to you x

Mrs Woog said...

NIGHTMARE! Nah - you will not even need notes.

Thoughts said...

Great Stuff, can I have a copy of the video? Carmela xo

Peter said...

I can't count the number of times I thought you'd never stop talking, and loved every minute of it! Just try to get a word in ... "I'm talking Pete" seems to have a familiar ring, the number of times I've heard that I can't imagine, and the look with the sheepish grin that comes with it, I'm laughing just thinking of it.

Just don't drink the night before. Your are as dull as a door nail the morning after, useless. Now drinking the morning of .... you'd be hilarious, quite likely off topic and probably would drop the c word but like I said hilarious!

I have every faith in you, you are amarzing and I know you can do it.


Romina Garcia said...

Have you thought about incorporating an interpretive dance? That's bound to take up some of the time.

Teen said...

So Murph, you are freaking out about discussing social media ON YOUR BLOG?!! I always found if I was freaked out beforehand, then it went well plus if I was familiar with the topic(hello!) then it always went well (or I made my excuses and cancelled). For that length of time, you need to make it interactive, get them all involved rather than falling asleep - although I can't imagine you letting that happen!

ST. MURPHY said...

Teen, that is BRILLIANT!!!!!! I need an interactive component. GENIUS!!! Now what the hell should I do for that... xoxoxo

Belinda said...

Best column yet Steve :)) Good luck, you'll be brilliant. Belinda xxx

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