Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bro's Getting Married

My one and only brother, my Bro, is getting married this Saturday which is the coolest thing in the world! It's going to be a massive, brilliant event. And, as I have been demanding from him since the age of 10, I am Best Man for my Bro. Couldn’t be more proud! But unfortunately with the very proud position of Best Man comes the Best Man’s speech. WIth only two days to go I'm having a slight panic.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the Best Man's speech should be like. I'm feeling some pressure. It can really set the tone for the rest of the night. A funny, clever, topical BM’s speech can really get the party started. And you probably all know of weddings where it all goes tits-up after a bad or unfunny BM’s speech. I can not let that happen at my Bro’s wedding.

At the best of times I am a sentimental fool. At my Bro’s wedding my sentimental-factor hits 10+. How could it not??? All the elements are there. He's marrying his true partner and mother of his children, the gorgeous Kel. All our family will be there (remember, my family is like the mafia, we are also from Griffith!) and all our families closest friends. Plus of course my sister-in-law's family who are fabulous! Its gonna be a fantastc day and night. I’ll be speaking on behalf of Mumsy and I, with a big nod to Dadsy; I cry like a baby at the best of times so this is gonna be tough.
I'm reading all the tips...
Suits, cufflinks, ties and shoes – all organised. Mostly thanks to the soon-to-be-Mrs Murphy cause she is a MACHINE in the organisation stakes. If there is any organisation left up to Bro and I we will always come up short. Not in our genetic make-up me thinks, we’d be bankrupt if we were an events organising company. We were just lucky enough to pull off the Buck’s Night, anything more is too big for us. So for the big day I don’t have much to think about or prepare for - except the speech.
No one told me such a book existed
It’s really important to me for so many reasons that I get this right. It needs to be that weird mix of funny, sincere, official and BRIEF. I struggle with brief. The first time I was a Best Man, for my bestie Snuddo, I think it clocked in at 40mins. The wedding video is excruciating and still requires some heavy editing. The second time, when I was Matron of Honour for darling Cassandra Louise, it was at a fabulously informal gathering so it rolled off the tongue in a matter of minutes. Bro’s wedding is new ground and so not the time to be testing new material.
...and stealing lines!
There is one small thing I must be thankful for, and I will go to hell for saying it out loud. Until recently exBoyfriend was to be the MC but with the recent ‘change of circumstance’ a replacement has had to be found. Thank God! He so would have shown me up for being the second-rate public speaker that I am, he is a natural at it. Phew! Maybe I should be getting him to write the speech… (said with a hint of hope that there will be an offer made).

Best be off and get cracking on the speech! Cousin Trude, hope you are available for a test-run-through????

Next post: Like Priscilla Queen of the Dessert I will be en-route to Cobar for the much-anticipated wedding! Till then…

Me in Cobar!

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