Friday, March 4, 2011

(not quite...) Golden Door!

So I’ve made my escape from the gay ghetto, the Mardi Gras epicentre, postcode 2010. I’ve fled the big smoke for coastal, sleepy Thirroul. I’m tucking myself up on the couch down here for the next 3 days for some solid, sun-soaked R&R. Ahhhhh…. couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been dreaming of this all week...
...while sitting here.
I was ambitious when I packed. I filled a sports bag with at least 5 different gym outfits. I had grand visions of turning this long weekend into a mini-health retreat. God knows I need it. I figured it could be three days of diet, exercise and clean living that could kickstart a more long-term health plan. I’ve certainly got enough outfits. But do I have the motivation? Me thinks there’s a 50/50 chance.
But will they be worn...???
I also did the right thing at the supermarket before I left the ghetto. Stocked up on nothing but good shit. All gluten and carb free with absolutely nothing remotely fun in my little green bag. Having said that, I did know that there were Paddle Pops and chicken nuggets in the freezer when I got down here. But my shopping bag on departing Coles Dank St was full of tuna, nut bars, hommus, lemons (to juice in water each morning), fruit and a coupla big steaks. I love red meat, love it! I am from the country.
There seems to be some left-overs from NYE.
So I’m all set for my leisurely, healthy weekend. Except…

The only problem with this grand plan, a potentially rather large hurdle to happiness, is television. There is only an old analogue TV down here which means no digital channels and no Foxtel. Can you imagine? How primitive! Can you see me going 3 whole days with only 5 channels? No, neither can I. What happens over the weekend when there is nothing but sport on 3 of them. That’s the exact moment I will lose my mind and eat a 1kg of Cadbury’s. Or worse. Cadbury’s with a vodka chaser.
5 channels!
Thank god there is a Blockbuster just around the corner. The sad 16year old behind the counter is about to become my new best friend! Her profits are gonna sore this weekend.

I just love a long weekend in Thirroul.


Thoughts said...

Power to you.

Some good shit could come out when your feeling slightly insane. Carmela xo

Nicstar said...

Invest in a set top box. I got mine for $60 in Kmart and it works perfectly with my old indoor rabbit ears (they the ones I used at uni actually!) and they are just sitting on the floor under the

That way after your big day of exercising and healthy eating you have a bigger range of shit to choose between when you relax on the couch!

Cal said...

If you don't like the old analogue TV i gave you go and spend your money on a new one.

Ms Styling You said...

Steak and hommus - thus nature balances itself xx

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