Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Delights: Goosebump TV Moments

Ahhhh…. I love Friday Delights!

Getting very sentimental today about some of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE television moments! Each of them is a little bit personal for me – a trip down memory lane. I have absolutely loved trolling my way through YouTube to find them. Had so many to choose from but today I’ve gone with a theme…

Goosebump Moments From The Last 10 years

The first was one of the most devastating TV moments that turned into one of the most brilliant! It is Sara-Marie’s eviction on the first Big Brother. She was the biggest thing in Australia at the time with everyone wearing pyjama’s and bunny ears in a show of support. Her shock elimination rocked everyone leaving Ben and Blair as the Final Two. The best part about this clip is you can literally see Sara-Marie experience for the very first time how popular she is and how big the show is. She’d been locked away for 3 months so she had no idea she had become a SUPERSTAR! I cried like a baby and screamed myself hoarse.

Now this one is a bit left-field. It’s from the ARIA’s in 2003. It had been world's longest day and just wanted it to all end. Then John Farnham came on and absolutely blew the whole stadium away with You’re The Voice. Watch the crowd reaction, it is PHENOMENAL! When the bagpipes start playing the crowd lifts even more. It was a very special moment. Check out all the Idol kids from that year going crazy.

The third is from the Grand Final of the first series of So You Think You Can Dance. The Final Four had absolutely worked their arses off to put on the most spectacular show that night, and the Final Four were some of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The clip is the Final 2 dancing together as the last performance – Jack and Rhys. While I was completely crushed that Kate had just placed 3rd, this Final dance was truly amazing. Brilliant end to the series!

Hope you enjoyed watching them as much I did finding them.

Think I'm gonna make this a regular Friday thing at St. Murphy.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Jack and Rhys were magical - oh and that Singing in the Rain routine was SO good. CB x

Ms Styling You said...

Sara-Marie's reaction was indeed priceless!

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