Monday, January 10, 2011

Bio of sorts Part 2... Its all about LOVE!

Its only fair that I should follow my rant about things that piss me off by taking it to the other extreme with things I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! And I’m steering well clear of the obvious such as Mardi Gras, Chanel Allure and Rob Lowe. I’m focusing on things that say something about me cause, quite frankly, I am too lazy to write a bio.

Swimming. I mean competitive swimming, like Thorpie. I was a failed swimmer in my teens cause I was too short, fat and lacked talent but I’ve made up for that with many years of dedication since. I’ve got every major swimming meet on tape going back to ’82 Commonwealth Games. Sad but true. It is the undeniable sport of kings. As for me, I haven’t swam a lap in decades – I just like to watch.

Law&Order. Dick Wolf is a genius! And if you don’t know who Dick is than we can never be friends. I don’t care which of the franchise I am watching as long as I am hearing that familiar ‘Duh Duh’. Lt Van Buren, Det Briscoe, ME Warner, Det Benson and ADA Cabot are my all time fav characters. Don’t even get me started on guest stars. I watch at least an ep a night to keep me sane, when I was off sick I did over 60.

Jane Austen. Since first being introduced in Yr 10 English Jane and I have been having a love affair. I am 100% sure in a previous life I was friends with Jane. Emma would be my most-loved or her books, even though Gwyneth almost ruined it for me with that stupid movie. Emma and Kate starring in Sense & Sensibility is definitely the best adaption. Jane wrote of a magical time when holding hands could be scandalous.

Waxing. I have one eyebrow that goes from one ear to the other. To contain this beast I need regular waxing, shaping and trimming from the best in the business. I have always found it bizarrely relaxing to have my eyebrows waxed, I’ve even been known to fall asleep on the table. It makes me feel clean, confident, sexy to walk out with two brows.

Airports. It doesn’t matter if it’s a work trip to Melbourne or a big plane to NYC, I will always get excited about being at an airport. Airports mean that something’s changing. I also feel weirdly independent whenever I’m at an airport (therapy needed possibly). Qantas Club membership has made this love of airports even more profound. I track Freq Flyer points like most do their bank balance.

Winter. There is nothing better than getting home from work in winter, turning the heat to max. and curling up on the couch with a throw-rug. There is a nanna inside me just aching to bust out. Winter clothes look better on me, I look great in dark colours, I love a scarf and I will always choose boots over thongs. AFL is my new favourite sport, you can justify eating more and no one laughs when you get a taxi for 2 blocks – I love winter.

Televisions. I love televisions cause they give me television. Have a very big one at home, a semi-big one in our bedroom and a smaller one in my office. Have Foxtel and IQ on both at home. I would guess that for up to 90% of my day I will have a television on within a 15m radius. If I had one in my car we could bump that figure up some more. I love televisions.

I’m full of love today, bursting at the seams with love.


Jo said...

SNAP for airports, Murphy. I never voiced that strange, intangible independence thing before, but now I'm planning a trip to the rooftop to shout it.

SawHole said...

SNAP for airports, winter and television.

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