Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to The Man Pit

So I’m calling my new pad “The Man Pit”! Not sure why, cause there ain’t a whole lot that’s manly about me, but I like the name and I’m sticking with it. And it’s not like there are any other men here, just me. But I’ve been buying lots of furniture and other homely things and I just keep reminding myself… Man Pit, Man Pit, Man Pit. I want to look and feel like an adult man rather than the 14yo schoolgirl I am in most other respects.
As a result there’s lots of dark, heavy wood and muted tones. I even just bought a black leather armchair – now that’s BUTCH! I reckon I could even smoke a cigar sitting in that thing. Played it safe and got simple white coffee tables and crockery. The pieced-de-resistance is a retro blue couch that looks like its straight from the set of Mad Men. Got a silver manly lamp as well As long as no one looks closely at the CD collection or bookshelf I could even pass as a near-40, urban professional with some level of taste. Until I open my mouth that is.

Where I have gone horribly wrong with The Man Pit theme is the boudoir. I’ve always had a hankering for a four-poster wrought-iron bed. So I got myself one. And its SHINEY! How cool is that. Would like great in a modern take on an old-style B&B. Very soft and romantic, and very girly. Also got some heavy gold and blood red floral linen. And just to completely make it look like the set of Burlesque I have a giant ornate gold mirror above the bed. Oh well, at leats I’ll be happy in there. As would Cher.

The most brilliant thing, Foxtel turned around their installation in a DAY! Only one night with out Foxtel, thank god and thank you Foxtel.

Next on the shopping hit list are some deck chairs. I have a disproportionately big balcony that gets some beautiful afternoon sun so I want to be able to lounge out there and have the houseboy serve cocktails. Also need some art but I don’t really know what that means. I need something on the walls but me buying art is like Paris Hilton buying a chastity belt – pointless, no idea! I might just put some Madonna posters up in the Man Pit. Or a Young Talent Time poster, that’d be cool!

The Man Pit is coming together very nicely! I’m thinking I will be very happy here.

** Sorry no pics as I’m still waiting on some furniture, will take some for a post I’m planning “The Rules of Man Pit”.


Peter432 said...

Can't wait to see the manpit someday. Are you going to put up the Church Street sign? old traffic signs are very man pit appropriate if you ask me.

Sarah said...

Get an artistic friend to do some charcoal life drawings of nekkid men torsos. You know, to set the tone... ;-D

Anonymous said...

Am dead curious to know what you watch on Foxtel. I am a total tv whore and I would share some of my shining example of high brow viewing but... well... there aint too much high brow about my tv viewing.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed this post. perhaps you could do something artistic yourself or something of yourself and put it up. that would really be something. anything is the go. after all its your slice of heaven your man pit pad. Carmela xx

Peter Black said...

The Man Pit sounds awesome! I can't wait to see some pics.

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