Monday, February 7, 2011

Twitter-date a HUGE SUCCESS!

Anytime a Twitter-date ends up in podium dancing you know it has been a success!

Much podium dancing! And singing! And some very fabulous lip-synching!

My first Twitter-date had it all. I couldn’t be happier.

Yes, you will recall from Saturday’s post that I was very nervous to be meeting my Twitter friends @Simieboy and @milney01 for the very first time. There was a lot at stake, we were testing to see if our witty repartee online could be transferred offline. Well I’m very proud to say that it was a resounding success. In fact, they are definitely more hilarious and fabulous in the flesh, how cool is that! It was one giant love-in from the moment we met.
Simon and I
Firstly, they scored bonus points for choosing the Greek Deli and Tavern on Chapel for dinner. I love that place, its my new favourite in Melbourne. From the moment we sat down we were surrounded by a giant bubble of GAYNESS – so gay in fact it was like we travelled with our own glitter gun and disco ball.  And trust me when I say there was not a single moment of silence! So many stories, so many anecdotes, so much laughter. Each with 30+ years of stories to share. I feel great pity for all of the other diners who I’m sure were incredible jealous they weren’t at our boisterous table. I did notice some move away. Coincidentally the couple at the table next to us had met on E-Harmony so it was a room full of online-love.
@Simieboy @milney01 @StMurphy
Now I live to eat! Thank god they do too. I think we went through about 5 entrees and 4 mains between the 3 of us. To say nothing of the huge volumes of vodka, wine and ouzo! I think we were there for hours, I lost all track of time. There were chairs going up on tables by the time we paid the bill. Another friend had joined us and off we flittered for some disco-dancing at the Greyhound. Now I’d never been before, my Melbourne-gay has been limited to Commercial Rd, so this was quite the adventure. The GH, as its known, is very much like a Blue Light Disco crossed with an old mans pub, of course I loved it. In no time we were on the podium 'waving our hands in the air like we just don’t care'. Singing at the top of our lungs, performing for the crowd below. We are such shy, retiring wall-flowers all three of us.
Starting to look a bit trashy here boys,
So I had an absolutely brilliant night, a ridiculous amount of fun. It was seriously like we had all known each other for years. It’s so cool and exciting when you just click with people like that. We were also all bizarrely similar with some uncannily similar stories to tell. Won’t bore you with details but lets just say we really understood each other. Awwww….. Lets all hold hands and sing Kumbaya!!!

So this has given me another brilliant idea! I want to host a Twitter-party! I want to take another big step and get all my favourite Twitterers together in the one place, with alcohol, and see what the hell erupts out of that. How cool would that be. Of course I would have @Simieboy and @milney01. @paullamond would definitely be there. @Woogsworld and @stylingyou would lead the drinking games, @jothornely and @sleemol would entertain with their dry wit. And of course @TheKylieApp would provide the entertainment. We could invite everyone we like and only condition is that you have to wear a Twitter-name tag se we know who you are. Cause if you are like @milney01 and I your profile pic is 8 years old at least.

So huge and sincere thankyou to @Simieboy and @milney01 for taking the giant leap with me. It was HILARIOUS!!! And we will no doubt do it again. And stay tuned for details on my Twitter-party! I’ve got a taste for this meeting new people thing and I’m dead keen to meet everyone in the world!!! Everyone who is on Twitter that is.

I’m loving 2011!

A bubble of Gayness!


Mrs Woog said...

Sounds unreal. I am in on your twitter party for sure xo

Mumstrosity said...

Sounds like a fantastic night out! A Twitter party is an awesome idea.

Ms Styling You said...

I'm so there, especially since my month-long alcohol ban finished yesterday!!

Jo said...

I'm in. Can I be in charge of nudity?

Shannon said...

What a brilliant idea!

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