Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kick up the Arse revisited!

I am discovering this blogging thing can serve many purposes. Cathartic, amusement, distraction, enjoyment…

Then today I discovered that it also keeps me in check. Last Wednesday I gave myself a huge kick up the arse, cause I needed it big time. Then completely by coincidence it was that night that Boyfriend and I sat down to talk where he became exBoyfriend. My best laid plans for self-improvement momentarily went to shit.

So today, exactly one week later, I am revisiting that post and kicking myself up the arse again. So good to have a record of what I was thinking and feeling at that exact time. Thanks Blog, I owe you one.

So no ciggies today, and I’m about to clear messagebank. Will go to the gym in the morning, diet is back in place and liver-cleansing begins.

I feel better already.


Mrs Woog said...

yawn (again)

but good on you x

ST. MURPHY said...

My liver still hurst from drinks with you on Friday Mrs Woog. Its your fault! xoxoxo

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