Monday, February 14, 2011

Because you were born this way you are EXPELLED!

WARNING: No Valentines Day love-stuff here.

So my overall bad mood continues today. My apologies in advance, I promise it will lift soon. But today I need to get off my chest how I feel about our Attorney-General, John Hatzistergos. A man I’ve never heard of before but who goes straight to the top of my list of ignorant stupid dumb people – and you know I hate nothing more than dumb.
The man is obviously an idiot.

When presented with the opportunity to denounce a ridiculous law that allows private schools to expel gay students simply for being gay, he instead backed it with some waffling excuse about the ‘delicate balance’ between discrimination and ‘practicing their own beliefs’.

I know it is an election year but surely commonsense still has a place in politics???

Here is the story, and big thanks to Sydney’s Queen of Publicity who brought it to my attention. She is a very smart woman that QoP.

There are two glaring statements in the story that make me want to vomit. The first is the insinuation by the AG that the church has the right to discriminate – against children. Because of how they were born!!! Surely we do not have to go through this tired, boring debate again. How many times does it have to be disproven for it to sink into the minds of ignorants like AG. Homosexuals are born homosexual! We do not decide it as a lifestyle, we do not make a conscious decision to suddenly ‘switch teams’. What makes me gay is the deep-seeded, primal, fundamental attraction to people of the same sex. No different to how hetero's feel about the opposite sex. No one taught me that as a belief or doctrine, its how my mind and body functions. Ask any gay or lesbian! Therefore, why the hell does the church have the right to discriminate against gay kids, at an age when they are most vulnerable, and why the hell does the AG allow them?

Secondly, and I quote here…

Recent research shows that young same-sex-attracted people are up to 14 times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers and that 80 per cent of the verbal or physical abuse they experience occurs in schools.

Heartbreaking. It does not take a genius to see the connection. But yet private schools and politicians are not prepared to change an out-dated law that so blatantly discriminates against gay kids. The message being “there is something wrong with you and, if we want, we will get rid of you because you are different”. No wonder gay kids are having such a hard time when such an example is being set by community leaders.

And let me just highlight…

Jim Wallace
Brigadier Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby has no qualms about the law. The head of the influential Christian pressure group said a church school should have the right to expel any openly gay child. “But I would expect any church that found itself in that situation to do that in the most loving way that it could for the child and to reduce absolutely any negative affects”.

Because booting the poor kid from their school because of how they were born couldn’t possibly have any negative effects.

Makes me so unbelievably angry.


Jo said...

Imagine how Hatzistergos and Wallace would feel if you could get kicked out of school just for being an arsehole.

Ms Styling You said...

I would like to do some kicking for myself. This is blood outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly though, St Aloysius College where I went did everything they could to help me understand that I was quite normal and would be a productive member of society because I am gay. They made me stay as long as they could with the phrase, "Your life will begin after Allo's but you need a good grounding to get anywhere. You must have your School Certificate."
That was a Jesuit school in the 1980's. So not all Christian schools are bad Steve, nor are all Christians bigoted, ignoramus's like this arse wipe.

Stylish Mummy said...

Wow...I would of thought in this day and age we would of gone past this kind of bullshit in society. How can this be legal, as it is a form of discrimination? Schools are supposed to be a place of acceptance, protection and education, not victimising kids on their sexual preferences. Grr this makes me so angry!

Bretto said...

Late last year I was a guest at a local wedding in a Catholic Church in Griffith. The priest openly made a homophobic joke that, "God made Adam and Eve...not Adam and Steve", in reference to the sanctity(?) of marriage between a man and a woman. (Refer Tiger Woods).
So its not just the fundamentalist religious schools that are encouraging intolerance and hatred towards our gay friends, it is also the every day priest on your every day Sunday that is contaminating the minds of the easily led. Not all priests...but it is a well known fact that at the core of any Christian faith, homosexuality is rejected and denounced as a sin.

The solution is to reject sending our children to religious schools and to reject scripture in public schools. Our son started Kindergarten last year and once a week a catholic "missionary" gave the kids a 1/2 lecture on "what is right and what is true". At one point my five year old came home and in the middle of some silly argument about putting toys away, he told me "I'm gonna nail you to a cross cause thats not a very nice way to die"! Nice.....I can just imagine the horror in the class when that was being explained. But the disgusting part is, is that these children are being informed that Jesus was nailed to a cross because of their sins. Beautiful, wide eyed, innocent five year olds, being pushed into a dark menacing place where their only salvation is to pray to God for forgiveness for being so damn despicable.

Bretto said...

It gets worse, our Christian friends are also targeting the "damned to hell" single mums..... read this...

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