Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to the Twitterverse & Blogosphere!

A small miracle has taken place!

And I have the Twitterverse and Blogosphere to thank.

After putting out the call on Sunday for all of you to pray to the Rental Gods for me, at 10.30am this morning the Gods came through!

I've landed myself a very cool inner-city bachelor pad that, most importantly, allows pets. PHEW!!! Thats a big pressure off.

Now my little Sam and I have a new home and we are very excited and happy. Well, we are as excited and happy as you can be at this strange and awful time.
Sam thanks you to and wants to shake your paw.
So huge and sincere thank you for your support cause I am sure your prayers to the Rental Gods got me across the line. I didn't even have to sleep with the agent.

Thank you. Moving in late March.

6 comments: said...

*woohoo!* So, house warming party in March then?

Anonymous said...

awesome! Thats good news, and so lukcy you don't have to repeat the househunting all over again!

Ms Styling You said...

That's so wonderful to hear xx

Kelsbells said...

Now you need to pray for me! I've just split with my ex (well..."just" being a month ago but still in temporary living arrangements) and trying to find somewhere on the Sunshine Coast to live along with my two dogs as well! I can't afford a place by myself so having to go the whole share house route, which is most definitely not easy. Yikes! So keep you fingers crossed for me too please!

ST. MURPHY said...

Right everyone, we have a new mission! We need to hold hands and pray to the Rental Gods for Kelsbells!!! Mya the force be with you Kelsbells, good luck! xoxoxo

neilsgardiner said...

Can't wait to get my invite to the housewarming!

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