Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sorry, I've been a very bad communicator!

I am a communications professional, have been for about 15 years. I’m even studying it. I’m also a great lover of talking, I never stop. It’s a big part of my job as well. Talking and communicating. Communicating and talking. I tell stories all the time, I love a good story. And a laugh. And a gossip. And I love social media. All that communicating is heaven.

Which makes my post topic today rather ironic!

For an 'alleged' professional communicator I’ve really dropped the ball this past week, I'm completely aware of that, and I feel I need to make apology. I think you may know this past weekend Boyfriend and I told everyone we were parting ways. So many good and old friends reached out to make sure we were ok. I'm so sorry you haven’t heard back from me yet. I’ve been really bad at calling, texting, emailing everyone and I’ve been trying to figure out why so I can offer some explanation. It’s so beautiful to know that people care and I’ve been so rude not to acknowledge that.

I guess the reason is that as amicable and as easy-as-far-as-breakups-go it has been for us, it’s still really hard to explain and chat about. And most people have been really shocked by the news, like really shocked. So it’s really a tough conversation to have especially while we are still getting used to it ourselves. And I don’t have anything to whinge or complain about, or any dramatic story to tell. So please don’t think I’m rude, and in the not too distant future I will get back to you to thank you for being so caring and understanding. I just don’t have a whole lot to say about it just yet while we get the practicalities sorted.
I will fire these up I promise.
What is important to know is that exBoyfriend and I are both doing really well. It’s all good. We are actually very self-congratulatory on how mature we are. At times it has even been quite amusing. Searching for rentals was very depressing but it all worked out in the end. We’re still doing dinner-and-drinks with our friends, making plans over the coming weeks, all too easy really. Most importantly our boys are loved and cared for, the gay-children are as happy as ever.

So sincere apologies I haven’t started to get back to everyone yet. I promise I will. It has been a bit of a headspin this last week. Thanks so much for caring, it means the world. My communication skills will return to normal very soon and I’ll make it up to you. Be assured all is good in the world and that we are still at the top of the class for breaking-up couples.

Lots of love,

St. Murphy


Anonymous said...

Good to know you are doing ok! I love you even though you NEVER get back to me... Still the longest 5 minutes of my life!! However I am becoming slightly addicted to your blog. xxxx

Anonymous said...

How could anyone be upset with you!!!
Everyone just hopes that you are ok, its a big thing to deal with!!
Take your time to heal.

Amanda Foley

Ms Styling You said...


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