Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tony Abbott: why I can't be part of the bashing!

I despise Tony Abbott. He is without a doubt a personifaction of all that shits me about society. I am often overcome with sickness when I hear him speak. On Election night this year I almost vomited when the tally-room first suggested he could be PM. Thank god commonsense prevailed and he is still in Opposition. Just laying some groundwork here as what I am about to say makes me despise myself.

I genuinely believe his “shit happens” comment was completely in the moment and that the footage clearly shows it was contextual. When I watch the footage it just does not jump out at me as offensive in any way. They are standing in a warzone talking about death, they are somber, serious, intense. It does not have the flippancy needed for such a phrase to be offensive.

What the dickhead should be hung and quartered for, and dethroned immediately, is his utter stupidity in dealing with the media and his complete inability to contain his emotions. Both are crucial skills for anyone hoping to be PM.  The interview in question screams uneducated Neanderthal to me. So while I am quietly squealing with glee that Abbott is in serious trouble, I just wish it was for a mistake that I felt warranted it. 
Shit has happened.


TashR said...

I completely agree.

In fact, I think plenty in the blogosphere feel the same way. It was sickening 'gotcha journalism - and it was clear to me that what Abbott was responding to, and what he really meant was: 'you know, you had all the guns and you had the best trained men, but someone was shooting at you, and it's a war and no matter the best intentions, a soldier was shot and killed.'

Mark Riley's a douche. And I think he will have irreparably damaged his career in Canberra as a result. Pollies of all political persuasions, no matter their like or dislike of Abbott, will see this for what it is.

On the other hand, Abbott's response when door-stopped, was just awful. The silence and the head bobbing was trainwreck television. He should have left it after his first answer and just walked away. Because his first answer: 'you weren't there and you don't understand the context' was the RIGHT answer. End. of. Story.

And anyway - we should be beating this turd-burger up for other things - like wanting to cut aid to Africa and asking for political donations to fight a flood levy. Tool.

SawHole said...

Totally agree SM.
The interesting thing was that Abbott's office was briefed almost three hours before the interview,

Jo said...

It's a futile enterprise to try and make it look like Abbott is a twat. Especially when all you actually have to do is just sit and wait.

Mrs Woog said...

I am loathed to agree with you. But I do.

It is his response that sends me shivers.....

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