Thursday, February 24, 2011

Single gay man looking... Weight Loss!

I thought that one of the few upsides of a break-up was weight loss? This is what I have been led to believe over the years. Well it’s a fallacy, a blatant lie.

I have literally doubled in size since exBoyfriend and I broke-up two weeks ago. How you can stack on so much weight in two weeks is anyone’s guess. My pants are strained, I can only wear my big man’s shirts and the thought of exposing myself at the gym is traumatic.

I’m going to put it down to ‘comfort eating’ (well use it as an excuse anyways).

Surely at a time like this I can be forgiven for choosing Macca’s over a salad. This is an easy and quick debate in my head, such as at lunchtime yesterday. If you feel bad why should you deny yourself something that will give you pleasure.  Mmmmm…Double Quarter Pounder large meal deal with Diet Coke. Heaven! And like Princess Di, over-eating makes me feel better. Not quite the ‘hug’ Di called it, but better none-the-less.

And it seems to be playing havoc with my stomach, but I won’t bore/disgust you with those details.

exBoyfriend has been very good, he is still going to the gym everyday. Where as me, I will come up with any excuse not to go. And to be completely honest, this is the best excuse I’ve ever had. I do pack my gym bag every day but it still hasn’t left my car. Such a shame as I have some lovely new gym clothes that now probably won’t fit me.

And no one wants a chubby middle-aged gayer! There are good and bad sides to being part of a body-obsessed sub-culture such as the hummer-sexuals - great for perving but shockingly hard to keep up your own standards. Us gayers have different standards for physical 'normalcy', the bar is much higher than for the straights. Oh whoe is me...

This has been a very whingey post today, sorry. I'm being a whingey-whiney bastard. And a little unfair to exBoyfriend. This is so much more about my own flaws rather than our circumstance. We’ve been very good at taking care of each other as we untangle our lives. And I am sure once I am in my own place it will all become easier again.

I do fear though that by the time we get to that point I will be the size of a house! 


Jo said...

Come and talk to me more. Bitchiness burns calories.

leeroy said...

next time you waddle into McDonalds, look around... weigh up -pardon the pun! and decipher the ratio of over weight folk, blemished skin and average age of said clientele - always a good decider as to wether or not you belong and make your decision as to carry forth your craving. it won't work, but it may take your mind off 'your' gut for a moment... love you, chunky butt! X

kelsbells said...

I've found I'm actually the opposite! My ex and I split up at the start of January, and I'm down 6kg since then. Admittedly it's because I joined up to become a lifesaver, and have been training my ass off (literally) to get fit enough to complete the course. But I'm also watching what I eat as well. It's all in a bid to get myself some confidence back.

Perhaps you need to address the reasons why you need the comfort eating, then you'll find that you will lose weight as you become happier?

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