Sunday, January 30, 2011

What the hell am I doing? I'll get back to you.

So I’ve been at this blogging thing for a grand total of 3 weeks now and I can not tell you how much I'm loving it! I still haven’t really worked out what I’m doing though. As you may have noticed. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the blogs of some very cool people such as Woogsworld, StylingYou and So Now What (my yummy-mummies!) and the ‘cool idea’ ones such Jo Blogs and Born This Way. I think I need to spend some more time working out what the hell mine is about, but I’ll get there I promise.

As my tag line says… there will be some general topic areas. Television addict, publicity guru, pop-culture victim, political novice and professional homo. Nearly everything that happens in my life worth writing about can fit into one of these categories. The other topic that I love writing about is my Inner Circle. I have some very amazing, funny friends who are always up to something brilliant so its easy to write about them. The blog is also a way for me to show them how much I’m in awe of them and appreciate them. Having said that, I’m sure it’s hard for them to see themselves in writing but I’m sure they’ll let me know if and when it’s a problem. I can offer photo approval as a goodwill gesture.

The other difficulty I have is that I’ve drawn a line in the sand and will not write about anything connected with my work. There is no way I could write about work without breaching the confidentiality of my employer, clients or competitors. And this is obviously crucial cause I like being employed. Being ‘in’ television you can imagine the brilliant material I come across every day, damn it. You’ll have to wait for my tragic memoirs at the end of my working life for those stories. And the subsequent lawsuits.
Close as we'll get to work... In my office watching TV (again!)
What I am going to do is start a section One for the Memoirs. I’m a talker and much to my friends frustration I tell the same stories over and over again. I want to start getting them all down before I go senile and can’t remember anymore. I’ve had some weird, funny shit happen in my life. Yes, it’s a little self-indulgent but it means a lot to me to get this stuff down. There will also be some television stuff in there from shows and gigs that are long gone but for sentimental reasons they are still important to me. Will kick-start that stuff soon.

As my first ever boss in television said to me “Its not about you Steven!” which was quickly followed by “The publicist is never the story Steven”. Worked well for me professionally, but I still like it all about me personally. I do realise this blog so far hasn’t strayed far from the central topic of MOI, I promise to make it more diverse moving forward. Cause even I’m getting bored with reading about me.

But the undeniably best part of starting this is that I had no idea I loved writing so much. I write for work, which can be such a chore, here it is purely for pleasure and I absolutely love it. I love working out what to do each day and have even given up television each night to write it, and that’s huge for me. So I’m not real concerned that I have no real purpose or goal, I just love that I love writing.

And finally, please do not ever, ever hesitate to let me know what you think - good, bad or otherwise. I really want you to. I love an opinion even if I disagree. I'm just happy that you gave it a minute to read.

Thanks for that, xoxoxo

P.S. to celebrate this three week milestone I've gone for a make-over. Much cleaner and easy to read. Still not ideal but I will invest one day in having someone make it pretty for me.


Hamish von Trapp said...

StMuprhy - love the new page layout and love your reason for writing...

Anonymous said...

hey sweetie love your blog, keep up the good work... trish and sofia :)

Cal said...

I love your honesty and you know I'll always give you an honest opinion, warts and all! I am an avid reader xx

Ms Styling You said...

St Murphy you are rocking the blogging world. My advice: best not to think to much about it and just write. How you want this blog to evolve will happen with time. Loving your new look BTW.

Anonymous said...

love the new layout - way better. I think finding a solid focus is a good idea too and don't worry I'll remember all your stories when u go senile, I've heard them all a million times. Miss Dusty Glass xxx

So Now What? said...

Oh, thanks for the love Mr St Murphy!

I didn't know what the hell I was doing at first, a lot would argue I still don't, but best advice I can give, write what you know.

I happen to know a lot about shit left on toilet seats and Linda Blair demonic vomiting events.

I can't wait to read your stories. I don't know them yet :) Bern x

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