Friday, January 28, 2011

Australia Day done the Hamish Von Trapp and Irish Mark way.

Hamish Von Trapp and Irish Mark really know how to put on a spread! In certain circles they are becoming quite famous for their dinner parties – a lethal combination of fabulous food and large quantities of alcohol. Their particular specialty is Japanese but for Australia Day it was a good old fashioned BBQ. Well, a little more gourmet than your average BBQ, after all they hommer-sexuals.

Hamish Von Trapp is universally known by this name as he is the only person we know who owns and wears a lederhosen. He doesn’t wear it all the time, just on special occasions. Such as the time back in 2001 when he wore it while skateboarding at a house party. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Hamish Von Trapp and I were housemates only briefly but oh so memorable. Along with Canadian Pete, the three of us forged a life long friendship from our stint at ‘432’ – but I’ll save those amazing stories for another post.
Miss Cal and Hamish Von Trapp
Irish Mark has been with us for 6 years and even though we can’t understand a word he says we love him dearly. And like all good Irishman he has a heart of gold. He’s also the smartest of our friends cause he’s a Doctor. Hamish Von Trapp is a pharmacist so it’s a match made in medical-heaven. They’ve ventured out west and set up home in Erskineville so it was here we celebrated Australia Day.

Boyfriend and I packed our suitcases and passports for the long trip to the Inner West; we bathed in sunscreen, stocked up on liquor supplies and off we trekked. All the gang were there including Miss Cal, Lucky Paulie, Sir Murray and Lady Brendan, Ritchie-Rich, Mr Mark David Jones, Glama-puss Rach, to name a few. As always the hospitality on display from Hamish Von Trapp and Irish Mark was flawless. We were surrounded by dips, breads, salsa, corn chips, I ate myself stupid before the BBQ even fired.
The Boys.
After far too many vodka and diet cokes I had turned predictably obnoxious and revolting (my apologies all!), just in time for the Meat Section. I gorged and overdosed on protein. There was every type of meat imaginable, and being the bush-bogan I am I loves me some meat. It was absolutely delicious. By this stage guests were moving away from me because of the stray bits of meat flying around me and the verbal diarrhoea spurting from my mouth.

And how hot was it!!! We all did this delicate dance all afternoon trying to stay out of the sun and under the shade cloth. At the risk of sounding disgusting… I’m a sweater so days like Wednesday are my worst nightmare. I could feel the body odour burning holes in my t-shirt. But thank god the sun eventually went down and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. 

I want to make special mention of Lady Brendan who was absolutely on fire! At one point I was even keeping a tally of his hilarious one-liners. Now there is someone you should have at every dinner party. I just wish I could remember his lines so I could recycle them myself.

A huge and sincere thank you to Hamish Von Trapp and Irish Mark for once again putting on an amazing occasion. It was a brilliant way to celebrate Australia Day, surrounded by friends and eating great food. And as far as I’m concerned there is nothing more Australian than a gourmet hommer-sexual BBQ!
Happy Australia Day!


Hamish said...

love it

Hamish von Trapp

St. Murphy said...

I don't think Irism Mark is gonna like the photo but its all I had. xoxoxo

Lady Brendan said...

Things were going great until we hit a snag. Was it Pork & Fennel?

St. Murphy said...

Ignore the snag. Please! And I think it may have been Tandoori. Sobriety is my new best friend. xoxoxo

So Now What? said...

Oh check it out. What a top day. We had a bbq in a park. Not far from where there was a car jacking and shooting last year. Equally tops. But, good thing, 4 cops at our BBQ so felt safe.

Happy Belated Aus Day. x Bern

St. Murphy said...

I love that you travel with bodyguards Bern,very Hollywood. xoxo

Irish Mark said...

Thanks St Murphy, was a hilarious night as always, and would'nt have been half as good if even one of our friends wasn't there! Thanks for the entertainment and the photo-shoot of yourself! So so funny. Mx

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