Saturday, January 22, 2011

WOW! I just know I could never do that.

This week some friends of mine opened their very own restaurant. How damn cool is that! Its impressed the hell out of me for so many reason. Imagine being so passionate and committed to something that you put it all on the line to create something special? I struggle to decide what to wear let along make a commitment like this.

Jezza has been a chef for many years and has worked all round the world. He’s been planning this for ages, dreaming about it even longer. Nicki is the glamour PR machine behind the man. They are good, good people and deserve every success. They were so nervous when their doors opened for the first time. Every detail had been planned and executed beautifully so as far as I could tell they had nothing to worry about. Their place is going to be an monster success.
The Devonshire - just before its opening
Every time I’ve ever thought about starting my own business I’ve had a little vomit rise in my throat. All that responsibility would kill me. If I was my own boss I’d give myself most of the day off. Every day!  And I would get so bogged down in the little things rather than get started on the big. It would take me weeks to decide on logo, months to choose stationary. Plus the other bad thing for me is that I’m not a very good salesperson, which is shocking for someone in PR. I’d be awful at trying to find clients. I’d end up doing the PR for the local shop and my Blockbuster store – the only people I’d see.

Even worse - imagine if I worked from a home office. The time–wasting I could do with the dogs alone would be astonishing. I also fear I would double in size. With all that time on my hands you just know I’d eat myself stupid. And I’d never go to the gym because “I’m too busy with work”. I’d have to get a third Foxtel/IQ connection to have in my ‘office’ just to save me from having to go downstairs for Law&Order. Already this new business is costing me a fortune, and that’s before I’ve even decided what it is I do. No thanks, not for me.
The Devonshire - the bar

So when I see Jez and Nicki carving out this amazing place for themselves I think it is so special. They are to be hugely congratulated for making their dream come true. Fingers-crossed success comes their way, which I have no doubt it will. As long as I can always get a table that is. I want their restaurant to become my ‘Cheers’ where everyone knows my name.

The Devonshire
204 Devonshire St, Surry Hills

02 9698 9427

A selection of sample dishes from The Devonshire's new menu:-

King salmon rillettes, hot smoked belly, watercress bavarois and horseradish 20 
Scallops, squid, celeriac, pomegranate and golden raisins 25 

Kurobuta pork loin, belly and shoulder, pumpkin, prunes and apple 34  
Duck breast, confit leg, fig tarte fine, bitter leaves, baby onions and roasting juices 36  

Bittersweet chocolate pave, chocolate sorbet and chocolate ice cream 14
Devonshire tea creme brulee, scone and jam ice-cream and whipped cream 15

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Ms Styling You said...

Will definitely have to put on my list when next in Sydney town. And the working yourself bit ... bloody scary but bloody fun. x

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