Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bio of sorts Part 3 - PICTURES!!!

I am such a complete novice at blogging that I forgot to include pics the first few posts. So what I thought I'd do is show some of my favourite pics of the last few months as a way of finishing off my (poorly attempted) bio. I love a photo! I'm not a very good photographer but there should be a record of all good times. Its only a matter of time before I'm completely senile so I'll need something to remind me of what caused the damage.

We live in the heart of the city in beautiful, downtown Redfern. We love our little neighbourhood. Just reno'd the kitchen and bathroom of our terrace, here's the kitchen.

To recover from the reno's we had a brilliant 8 days in Langkawi. I can not recommend it enough. Loved the hotel, loved the service, loved the food, loved the pool - in the end we hardly left the hotel grounds.

Sorry its a bit soft porn.

We had Xmas at home with my family in Griffith. I love going home! Do not believe everything you hear and read about Griffith, its a brilliant place. Here's some of the fam having a pre-lunch drink.

Note the banana lounges.
We've got a place down the south coast which we hit every year for New Years. Those pictured are sure to feature on St. Murphy. This just before we hit local nightspot The Beaches.

After all this sun I am now ridiculously tanned. Normally I have the skin tone of Nicole Kidman. Its been said I look like an Oompa-Loompa - short, fat, orange and wears purple!

And I'd better throw one in of me and the boyf, drinking in Langkawi...

Finally, cause of the excess eating and drinking of the Festive Season, this is now entirely what my diet consists of... at least until Australia Day!

So there it is, my summer to date in pictures.

St. Murphy

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Ms Styling You said...

Love the photos! Speshly the one of you reclinging on holidays and your kitchen. Thanks for the blog link in - very clever of you x

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