Monday, January 31, 2011

Summer in Sydney gets me all Hot!

Sunday’s in Sydney are brilliant. A Summer Sunday is GLORIOUS!!!

You wake here on a Summer Sunday morning and your options are literally endless. Take yesterday for example…

A beautiful day, warm but not too hot; a perfect day to work on the ‘tan that hides the kilos’. Or you could be like me and always have an urge for shopping and food on a day like that. Exercise, beer gardens, parks, beach, pools, bikes… all options on a perfect Sydney day. And that’s not including special events! There are chores to be done but stuff that. It’s about being lazy, selfish and Sydney-esque on days like Sunday.

So there was a lot of activity for us yesterday, and it was all classic Sydney. So let me pretend like I’m the Minister of Tourism pitching to Oprah to get her to venture into my little world.

Redleaf Pool is to the Eastern Suburbs what Cannes is to the south of France. This little slice of heaven sits between the money of Double Bay and the power of Woollahra. It’s a mix of the young glamour set, Sydney g(A)y-List and troubled parents thinking they can keep doing what they did in their youth even though they have 3 children under 5. There’s barely room to spread out your sheet-towel without poking a Speedo in the eye. But the best part of Redleaf is that there is a semi-decent café within a 2-minute shuffle from your towel. The beef burger with fruit chutney changed my life yesterday! Boyfriend, Miss Cal and I fried like bacon and feasted on eye-candy.
As far as I’m concerned no weekend is complete without a whip-around the Mother-Ship – Westfield Bondi Junction. Having lived in walking distance during its construction and seeing first-hand its creation, I feel an affinity with WBJ that borders on maternal. It’s like coming home, especially now I am a Redfern-ite. As I often say “if you can’t get it in the Junga, you can’t get it”. Today it was about ties! Being bestman for upcoming Brother’s wedding I am in charge of ties (I’m not good with too much responsibility). Sadly I still couldn’t find the ties I need which makes me think they do not exist. That’s the power of the Junga.
WBJ at its finest.
A quick sidebar… Only at WBJ Woolworths would you have hot men wearing nothing but their Speedo’s serving you snacks. In the Fruit and Veg section no less. If you don’t believe me…
Now thats customer service!
Feeling completely inspired by Boyfriend, who in the last 6 months has become a Gym-Junkie, I tackled another Sydney icon for a late afternoon run, Centennial Park. Truth be known, I’d hardly call it a run, more a Cliff Young shuffle. But Centennial Park is spectacular at any time of day so the pain is worth it, it is my happy place, and obviously half of Sydney thinks the same. It was swarming with every walk of life –picnics, trapeze artists, dogs, bikes (I love a cyclist!), runners, walkers, soccer matches, horse-riders, the list is endless. What WBJ is to consumers, Centennial Park is to the leisure-seeker. The path around it is one big fashion catwalk. But note to parents, kids with training wheels on their bikes are just too much fun on the running track.

So you can cram quite a bit into a glorious Sydney Sunday without really trying too hard. And all of it just a little bit special! Summer in Sydney lifts your mood, makes you happy, and can be a really beautiful thing. Its also a fantastic perv at lots of hot people and can all be done on the cheap – two of my other favourite things.

xoxo St. Murphy


Jo said...

By taking surreptitious photos of Speedo-clad snack-bearers in the supermarket, you are no longer just dipping your toe in the Dirty Old Perv pool.
You're diving in and swimming laps.
Makes me proud.

ST. MURPHY said...

So humiliating! I tried to do it without them noticing, got sprung and was mortified! All in the name of Twitter. xoxoxo

Ms Styling You said...

Oh, I wish I had had your day yesterday xx

So Now What? said...

Geez, Woolies at Runaway Bay does NOT have hot guys in dicktogs. No, we have a crabby lady getting the shits with the kids who keep coming back for green jelly.

I'm coming to Sydney in March for 3 glorious days on my lonesome. I think I may very well just fall in love.

ST. MURPHY said...

Call me, I'm practically the mayor. xoxo

Scott (@Gaytriarch) said...

My partner's brother is getting married this month and I have been asked to record the video, and my partner to do the photography. Now, J is a good photographer but I suck with a camera, never mind a camcorder! Why can't I be given a simple task like ties? :(

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