Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m a bad blogger, but it’s because of the MUMMY-BLOGGERS!

Oh dear…

I had planned on this insightful, intellectual, mildly amusing but distinctly St. Murphy blog post today. But unfortunately I ended up at a Book Launch followed by an ‘after-party’ that left me incapable and too tired to string a coherent sentence together.

You see, last night I blagged my way into the launch of… Kerri Sackville
…cause, as I said to Mrs Woog, I’ve never met a party I couldn’t get myself invited to! (except the Ballroom at this years Logies, but that’s a whole other post)

It turns out the author of said book, KerriSackville, is an incredible writer, I think a former journo, and with an amazingly similar circle of (online) friends to me even though we’d never met.

The book, the launch, the guests, Kerri – all too FABULOUS for words!

Had a ball! Subsequently, no post this morning. Primarily because I spent a rather long night meeting new, amazing people – all of them fellow Twitter/Blogging addicts – who I now love and adore. And just to clarify the title, 99.9% of them were Mummy-Bloggers.

We had many of these…
French Martini's on the advice of StylingYou
Well, Mrs Woog and I did anyways.

Met so many people that I already follow on Twitter that to name them (as if I could remember?) would be impolite. So, so cool to put real faces to the avatars I’ve seen so many times.

So besides last night demonstrating that this blogging thing can slowly and surely turn into something very special, it also showed me that Mummy-Bloggers know how to drink.

Subsequently, no post this morning.

Bad blogger St. Murphy, bad blogger.
Blagged myself in so late I had to write my own nametag...
Special Note: Huge congratulations to Kerri Sackville on her book and Random House for publishing it. Best-seller without a doubt.

Special Note #2: My amarsing blogging-friend StylingYou took out the Bloggers award at yesterday’s Jasmine Awards for this post. Sincere Congrats StylingYou! Such a shame we spent your entire winnings on French Martini’s last night. Love ya Nikki!


edenland said...

Brian, I am completely in love with you.

Brenda said...

LOVE you. LOVE. - SIncerely, your Bitch. Sorta. Kinda. Heh.

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