Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There's a new Boss at Man Pit

Little Sammy has made the big move and now lives at Man Pit! And already he is the BOSS!
Man Sam in Man Chair
A child of divorced parents, Sam is handling the transition with his usual style. Now you may know I am the proud parent of Sam and his stepbrother Jackson. Jackson has been raised since a pup by Aschapelle (artist formerly known as exBoyfriend) so he stayed in Redfern. We ‘rescued’ Sam just over 2 years ago so he came with me to the city.

It’s a joint custody arrangement. Perfect for everyone. But thank god I now have some company cause talking to myself is just plain boring – I always know the answers and I've heard all the jokes before. So I am unbelievably excited and happy to finally have Sam living with me at Man Pit.

He’s slowly finding his way around, sniffing and poking at everything. For such a smart little man he seems very unsure of himself. I can confidently say though he is very happy with the new lounge. He’s sitting beside me now as I type. He’s the best lap dog in the world Sam, just follows you wherever you go. And matches the colour scheme of Man Pit perfectly.
He loves his new lounge
We went to our little neighbourhood dog park today, or as it will now be known, Sam’s Toilet. We didn’t get to play with any other dogs though so he hasn’t made any new friends or boyfriends yet. I’m hoping he’ll meet the man-dog of his dreams and fall in love. My little Sam deserves some gay-doggy-happiness.
Sam's Toilet
Now Sam’s not used to living on carpet, he thinks the floor is a giant lounge. And he’s not used to wood decking. Possibly he’s nervous about falling through the cracks. I have put his food and water out there so he’ll be used to it in no time. He LOVES his food our little Sammy, who ain’t so little anymore. He’s 50% heavier than when we first picked him up 2 years ago. We are discussing a diet and some calorie control.
Such a little Piggy
He’s also very excited to be back watching crime drama’s. When he’s with Daddy Aschapelle its nothing but mind-numbingly bad American reality shows so he’s very grateful to now have a more mature, intellectual selection. He loves the Law & Order’s just like Daddy St. Murphy, Lt. Van Buren is his favourite.

Best part about having Sam at Man Pit is the affection he gives you in the morning. It is so adorable. Breath is a little stinky but aren’t we all of a morning. And he does have a tendency to snore which can be annoying, but not for the moment. I’m just ecstatic that I now have Sam living with his Daddy St. Murphy.
Sam says Goodnight


Melodramatic me said...

I am in love with Sam. He is divine. I have a puppy Cavalier called Dexter. Thankfully he is yet to display any traits of the TV character he was named after...

Anonymous said...

Sam is just the most adorable little thing u know (apart ) from my dog LOL... He looks well trained *ahem * i spose thats to be seen hehe

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