Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Gathering of Twitterati - Twitter-Date No. 3

My fabulous Cousin Trudy and I played host at Man Pit on the weekend to a gathering of Twitterati - its official title being Twitter-Date No. 3. It was an event that had been loosely in the pipeline for some time and coincidentally fell on the weekend of Trude's visit. Cousin Trude is not a twitterer so this was all quite perplexing for her. We even did a quick tutorial in prep for a drinks that was sure to involve a lot of Twitter references.
Nervous anticipation...
There was to be a great deal of 'meeting for the first time' this night. It's a very complex web of various degrees of friendship ranging from twitter-chats of only a few months through to 10+ year friendships (and of course Cousin Trude and I have been besties for 36years). An eclectic group with one thing in common - finding great amusement in each other online. Please welcome to Man Pit... @TheKylieApp, @sleemol, @Paullamond and @en_gy (artist formerly known as @neilsgardiner).

I should pre-empt this pictorial display by saying at one point there was over 5 litres of vodka in my freezer, as well as oven Puff Dogs. Cousin Trudy and I compromised on the catering, she choose the beautiful cheeses and I went with Puff Dogs and mini Spring Rolls. Never in my life have I hosted with so much food.
Nothing I love more than a fridge full of mixers.
First to arrive, @en_gy tests the Man Chair, made him smarter.
Queensland Royalty... @sleemol
@sleemol's gorgeous non-sexual date Alice
@paullamond and CT casually lounging below new Man Pit artwork
And the dramatic arrival of @TheKylieApp! It had been about 6 years since we'd seen each other and as @TheKylieApp said "I think this is the first time we've met not on on Oxford St!"...

For the whole night there was just funny story after funny story, so many stories I forget most. And we could even tell stories longer than 140 characters. Had so much fun we hardly even Tweeted! Except for @en_gy who we discovered was secretly tweeting under the table like he wouldn't catch him. I just love that I know these guys and can call them friends both in life and online. It's pretty darn cool.

Twitter brings people together.... FACT!


UrbanPolyester said...

Love the photo montage of you greeting @TheKylieApp, just gorgeous!

Peter Black said...

I'm very jealous I missed out on Twitter Date No 3 - its looks like it was great fun!

Ms Styling You said...

OMG, is that Alice M?

ST. MURPHY said...

She is a Brisbane gal now residing in Sydney so it would not surprise me at all if you were acquainted! xoxo

neilsgardiner said...

Such a brilliant night!
It was great meeting you all. Expectations were exceeded by far (and they were high to start with)

Can't wait for next time xxx

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