Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clinging to the Dream: Photos from my youth

So I lost the good part of half a day while I was at home in Griffith going through old family photo albums. It’s addictive, once you start you can’t stop. Everyone in my family, especially me, LOVES a photo. Every stage of my life is very well documented.

Now this is the most self-indulgent, self-absorbed post I’ve ever done. And that’s saying something! Every time I got all excited about a photo I took a shot of it on my iPhone. The result is this post.

Now there are two quite obvious themes to these photos.
A)   Camp, cute, funny shots from my Youth that would sit well on Born This Way, and…
B)   Shots that clearly show and prove that many years ago I used to be much much thinner and FIT! 

Please enjoy my little egotistical trip down memory lane!
Pageboy at Auntie Cheryl and Uncle John's wedding
Auntie Cheryl is the best aunty in the world and I love love love her dearly. Just wanted to get that in there.
Got excited over this one cause this year I am back in contact with two guys from this shot, one after 20 years and the other after 25. All thanks to Facebook.
Yr 7 School photo - start of monobrow and huge front gap
Yr 10 Social Committee Slave Day (have talked about this one before) - Brilliant time of life!
Yr 10 Formal, and no its not fancy dress. That shirt is Jade. Protecting the identity of partner here.  
Such an unbelievable poser! But can not tell you how much I  love that I used to be this thin!
Bro and I at his 18th. Note the floral shirts and motorbike on the cake.
This one, I got so excited about what my stomach looked like 20yrs ago that I nearly passed out.
Now as much as I am addicted to B&H, Absolut and Foxtel today, I used to be just as addicted to exercise - I've literally become the polar opposite of my youth. These photos will come as a great shock to those of you who know me now. Please note the ponytail (it was the early 90's)!!!

Now these shots are to make my old mate Snuddo and I feel better about ourselves. Now that we are men of a certain age we can only dream of our athletic youth and defined shoulders.

Now just to end... I've talked before about how I'm such a hoarder. Well I've got boxes of 'memorabilia' still in the shed at Mumsy's house. Trolling through them I found these... My favourite swimmers from 1984! LA Olympic themed "Where there's a Will there's a way!" Or am I the only one who remembers that slogan?

Ahhhh... such memories. Sorry to drag you along with me. I did warn you upfront it was gonna be self-indulgent! Other reason, besides my ego, is I got a bit nervous putting shots up of other people who may not like it. Damn I'm considerate. So it's all about me

I'm clinging to the dream as much as those Willy swimmers clung to me!


Anonymous said...

I have a theory that everybody has a fit period of their lives and those of us unlucky enough to have had it before the age of 25 will never experience it again. This after I lugged my now unfortunate body through kilometres of biking and kayaking over the long weekend, all at a tragically slow speed in attempt number 674,000 to regain that long lost fitness. Hurrumph.

Jude said...

OMG!! I had the female version of those swimmers!! I LOVED them!!!

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