Thursday, April 14, 2011

Man Pit hits turbulence!

It’s been a turbulent few days, sometimes its exhausting being me! An emotional rollercoaster as they say. But the cause of my distress suggests I have deep-seeded psychological issues that need immediate treatment...
Dramatic turbulence
The impact of not having internet access at Man Pit for only 3 nights has been MONUMENTAL!!! 3 whole nights! Even I wouldn't have guessed that this would rock my world so dramatically. Just being without the use of my laptop while on the couch while watching television sent me into a deep black hole.

There were highs and lows though. First I had to change carriers cause even though I live 500m from the CBD they could not provide a signal. Mmmmm…. Struck a new deal with another carrier – brilliant, big high! But it was up to 7 days before it could be delivered – crashing low, panic-stricken. Shiney new box arrives at office after only two days – JOYOUS! Four lengthy phone calls fail to solve connection issues and another night without – downright devastating.

Can not tell you how dark I have been while dealing with this. I never get angry (well, not really) but I literally felt my blood boiling after being on hold for 32mins and then being asked to call back. I vented violently on Twitter! This was my breakthrough, the first giant step to solving my problem. A lovely social media man quickly came to my rescue and conference-called me in with the exact man I needed. After so many failings in the customer service department this was GENIUS. While he didn’t solve my problem it meant that I understood what was wrong and was able to get a work mate to fix it. The dark cloud has lifted! The sun shines brightly again. Once again Twitter is my saviour!
Box of much happiness
Let me be clear that during this testing three days I still had my phone! And it’s a little iPhone of Pleasure that has Twitter, Facebook, TweetDeck, Foursquare, Miso, LinkedIn and St. Murphy on it. So its hardly like I was isolated from the world. Damn, I do have issues. Anyways, lets enjoy the moment and not worry about my human failings right now. Man Pit has a beautiful new internet connection.

Speaking of Man Pit…

The boys christened Man Pit on Saturday night! Thank god they loved it which means I may just have some visitors after-all. A quiet drink turned into a rather messy night – for the sake of all involved I will spare you the details. It has set a nasty precedent for future Man Pit activities. Loved every second!!!

The Boys of Man Pit

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neilsgardiner said...

I love it!
Can't wait to see Man Pit on Saturday!

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