Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Delights: A shower-in-a-can for your HAIR!

After one or two extra voddies with some fabulous colleagues last night, I had to make a very quick bar-hotel-taxi-dinner transition that also involved a costume change. Upon leaving the bar I remembered I’d forgotten to pack hair product for my quick trip south to Melbourne. I called into a chemist to solve my follicle style problem.

A very lovely pharmacist assisted. They were not well stocked with my usual favs but having explained the need for speed he recommended a shower-in-a-can for your hair plus some hairspray. Genius! The shower-in-a-can was a spray of white powder that you shook or brushed out. Hairspray then provides the control of my floppy fringe I so eagerly desired. At the bargain price of about $8 I bought both mini-cans.
Shower-in-a-can on right, hairspray on the left.
In a last minute but wise choice I decided to not fill my hair with white powder before dinner, rather just a quick fix-it job with the Cedel. But I did fill my hair with it when I got home, only slightly intoxicated, to test this shower-in-a-can theory. Not sure how much you are meant to use but I used A LOT!

Slept like a baby then woke up this morning to have gorgeous, beautiful, shiney flowing locks. My normally drab, greasy hair felt as clean as a whistle. I’m still running my hands through my hair. This stuff is AMAZING. Batiste is my new favourite product.

And the absolute best part about it, I NEVER have to shower again! Thank you friendly pharmacist, you’ve just saved me 15mins a day.


Wanderlust said...

The other cool thing? They make deodorant in a can too! Score!

Smudgerella said...

Dry shampoo (as we call it here in the UK) has saved me many times! Good buy! xx

Armand Cordero said...

Dry shampoo lol, they came in handy at Glastonbury

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - exactly what is that a picture of? The front or back of your head? Please say it's your head (on your shoulders)

Mark said...

Pharmacist is the best - don't forget, your best friend is one!!!

Ms Styling You said...

I LOVE dry shampoo ... could not survive a busy week without it.

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