Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I love a Double Cheeseburger so I got myself a Trainer

I have been an annoying whinger over the past few months about stacking on weight and feeling gross. It hasn’t been the easiest of times (whinging again!) so my logic has been why deprive myself of the things that make me happy – Double Cheeseburger Meal Deals, oven pizza, pie and chips, a red duck curry, a light snack of chocolate chip cookies. Why are all my favourite things also on the Biggest Loser hit list? Its not so much comfort eating as lack of self-control, and I love the taste of calories!
I love a double cheeseburger!
It's time to turn this fat-train around and do something about my bad habits – I haven’t given up the dream that skinny-jeans are for me even though I’m 5 years and 15cm’s past the used-by date. Don’t even get me started on my desire to still wear a midriff. Through my new, very friendly local gym they hooked me up with a personal trainer. I based the selection purely on looks. If a hot man can’t motivate me then nothing will. Booked in with Trainer for twice a week for the next 3 months as surely I can make myself feel better in that time.

Yesterday was my first session at 6am, an ungodly hour, but I am much better in the morning than I am at any time past 11am. I knew this first session was gonna knock me about so I went to bed at 9pm, only to wake at 3am as bright as a button. Ended up getting in a good two hours of housework and pfaffing before heading off in my matching Adidas ensemble to meet Trainer.
even my bag!
So first thing we do is jump on the scales! I’ve just said to Trainer “This is the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life” when the scales proved me WRONG! I’m actually 4kgs lighter than just last year. Go figure! Turns out I was much heavier when I was lounging poolside in Fiji with exBoyfriend last July. How’s that for the mind playing tricks; classic comfort factor when in a relationship, self-doubt when out of it. When I was happy and having fun my weight was so not an issue, for godsake I remember posing for photos in my man-kini’s. The moment things weren’t hunky-dorey suddenly my weight becomes an issue in my head. And I’m sure being single & near-40 has also made me extra paranoid about my complete lack of muscle tone. Big lesson learnt about mind over matter for me yesterday and that was even before I had lifted a single weight. So I’m making a very public apology to everyone I’ve complained to of late, turns out I was being a bit of a drama-queen.

So back to Trainer. I was all ready to be able write a scathing review of my first session, of the trauma it caused me and the grief I feel. But I have to say… I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! I admit I did have a swagger in my step after getting off the scales that was slowly diminished during the session but I had a ball, thrived. It felt real good to be working out, even if I was only lifting baby weights (I’m sure I saw some sniggers from nearby muscle-mary’s). Granted, I slowly started to get shaky over the hour and by the end couldn’t string a sentence together but god it felt good.
Only a matter of weeks now....
I walked around all day thinking it was only a matter of time before someone commented on my dramatic weightloss or new muscles. Hopefully Trainer has now kick-started something real good. After months of a shocking diet, near drowning in Absolut and a B&H permanently between my fingers, yesterday took a whole different path. It was a gluten and carb free day, and the only nicotine I had was through a patch. Talk about mind over matter! Next thing you know I’ll have the body of an Olympic swimmer I’ve always dreamed of.
Its like looking in a mirror
Jeez I hope my notoriously short attention span lifts its game as well!

Mmmmmm…. Cadbury Dairy Milk.


neilsgardiner said...

Once you get into the swing of it, you will feel SO great!
Don't forget to work those glutes ;-)

xx Neil

Peter432 said...

Exercise is boring ... go for a vodka and skip a meal, you'll have the same result

Smudgerella said...

Mmmmmmmm Dairy Milk in my chubby little mitts right now ;-)

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