Saturday, August 13, 2011

What does one wear to a protest???

Today is a very important day! There are Gay Marriage rallies right across the country and I'll be marching in Sydney. I won’t bang on about how important it is as hopefully anyone who’s been to this page before understands exactly how I feel. 
Wardrobe Crisis!
But I can’t help myself, one last political jab before I get to the fun stuff…

I am APPALLED that my Government believes that my relationships are not as important or as worthy as straight people. Gay love is no different! Surely in 2011 we can expect equality for all! Blood boiling, step away from the politics…

Like any important day, wardrobe selection is crucial. But what the hell do you wear to a protest??? I’m out of my depth here. If it was a Sunday BBQ, after-work cocktails or Inner West binge-drinking I would have a multitude of outfits to choose from. But a protest, what the hell would the dress code be for that?

Should I dress Revolutionary? Like as in the French Revolution. I just know I’d look gorgeous in a cropped military jacket, perhaps with tails, and white jodphurs. Only problem is I’ve left it to late to get to my tailors.

Another great protest that springs to mind is the dramatic anti-Vietnam War rallies in the 70’s that ‘defined’ their generation. While my hair is growing nicely it ain’t that long! And my wardrobe is bereft of anything suede or paisley. I’ve never looked good in tassles. If I turned up at the Rally inspired by these protesters everyone would think I’d come in fancy-dress.

A dear friend suggested I turn to Gandhi for inspiration as he certainly lead a movement of great social change. And he wore nothing but a sheet while doing it. While I think I look grand in white I’m not sure I can pull off the linen-look for the entire length of Oxford St. 

Another suggestion was Rosa Parkes. Rosa changed the world by riding the bus to school and effectively ending the segregation of blacks in the US. She is iconic for millions. She also wore a very neat, conservative dress with a fitted cardigan. While it worked for her, today is not going to be the very first time I do drag.

Gays all over the world have trodden this path before. Most recently California and New York have gone crazy for Gay Marriage. They have been protesting their asses off (with great success I might add)! But what did they wear? Well it appears it was all rather uninspiring. Preppy and conservative, lots of Abercrombie & Fitch and Banana Republic as far as I can tell from my search. Australians have a little more pizzazz than that let me assure you.

Not having much luck here determining my wardrobe! Lets turn our attention closer to home. My first memory of great protests were the Franklin Dam protests in Tasmania. Pulling up some shots from this time I know this ain’t gonna work for me either. I used to wear a lot of cargo but not for many years. And as for a parka, yeh, Mrs Woog would kill me. I wouldn’t even know where to buy a comfy sleeping bag to accessorise with.

So it appears I am back where I started. With my own wardrobe. Thank god I have a little protest T just aching for an outing. This will be my protest-attire of choice for sure! I bought it online late one night and I love it dearly. And it goes without saying that I love its message.

Please join with us today as we protest / march / rally / chant our way from Town Hall to Taylor Square. Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra have similar events this weekend.

You know it’s important. Please do what you can. If not in the flesh than on Twitter, Facebook, any medium you can get your hands on.

Marriage is so Gay!

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