Sunday, August 14, 2011

I love that I have friends who give a shit!

Cause from what I can gather after yesterdays Gay Marriage Rally even most of the gay community doesn’t – or didn’t know it was on!

But I have friends that do. And that’s very, very important to me.

So I’m not going to tell the rather frustrating story of the Rally yesterday, rather I want to talk about my fab friends who I went to the Rally with. Fab and HOT! And very, very funny! Ridiculously smart too. So here are my fab, funny, hot, smart friends who give a shit about Gay Marriage.

Will kickstart with Mrs Woog, the worlds most famous mummy-blogger, and her beautiful son Jazz Hands. Jazz Hands wore a special tutu for the day and he was the delight of the rally. He also had the best seat in the house as he sat on our shoulders. Mrs Woog is my hero.

We had with us the Queen of the Gays, MsCharlotteD, who I am determined to have hosting the next Rally. She is iconic amongst my folk and her dedication to the cause exemplary. Dare I call it her ‘entourage’, MsD was marching alongside committed gayers Arrjaydub, Uueaver and Muzthekid. (and if you haven’t read it already than you must now, Arrjaydub’s guest post!)

My boys. ShaunHeron is an activist from way back and one funny bitch. I’m still not sure En_gy completely agrees with what we were marching for but he was showing support nonetheless god love him! TheFlack and Dazzle will be the first to marry when finally we have choice (well that’s what I think, cause I wanna be a bridesmaid) and two more lovely men you could not meet.

MichelleLLeslie and AdamZammit impress the hell out of me. Only late this week I told them the Rally was on, so what do they do, they come. I know that sounds so simple but a hetero couple jumping at being a part of it says so much about them. New BFF’s, absolutely!

In my humble opinion it’s people like Mrs Woog, MsCharlotteD, Michelle and Adam who actually make the most difference. The legalization of gay marriage really will not effect them in any way (other than having to go to many more weddings) but equality is important enough to them to take part in events like this. We need more like them. I have the most unbelievable respect for that.

The best thing to come out of the day is the realisation that we can do much more. Arrjaydub, TheFlack, ShaunHeron and I have skills that could really benefit the next event. And instead of being bystanders we’re determined to get involved. Between us we have the most phenomenal PR/Publicity/Corp Comms/Marketing resume so lets put it to use. But more about that another time…

As TheFlack just texted me… “Events like today really make a difference but there’s SO much more that can be done”.

And we’re gonna do it!

 *** Just to clarify my opening line, I don't really believe most gays don't care. What I do think is that not many people knew about the Rally. Subsequently us boys are gonna offer up our skills-set for the next one. We could get a crowd at a colonoscopy if we wanted to.

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