Friday, August 19, 2011

Enough with the Crazies! Time for the cool people.

God damn there have been a lot of crazy people around this week! I’m absolutely max’d out.

What about the American ‘academic’ at the anti-gay marriage rally in Canberra who said that “there is no greater evil” and likened gay marriage to paedophilia.

"It won't stop at homosexual marriage - look for polygamy and marriage between adults and children to be legalised. There is no greater dream for a paedophile than to be able to legally acclaim a child as his lover."

She’s so smart, I literally have no words to respond with.

Then there was Miranda Devine who seemed to blame the London riots on gay marriage and was banging on about straights being second-class citizens. Oh dear. Her retaliation to the outrage her original post caused was even more nonsensical.

Don’t even get me started on Bob Katter and Barnaby Joyce. They were elected by the people so they probably scare me the most.

But I’m real tired of people like these four hogging all of the media attention on the issue of gay marriage. They are not the ones we should be highlighting or drawing attention to.

There are some amazing, beautiful people out there who should be getting all of our attention. They are smart, logical, coherent. They are making their own protest in their own way within their own community. And as far as I’m concerned they are far more important and influential than any of the nutcases mentioned above.

And, most importantly, they come from many different walks of life, varied generations and of all sexualities. Let me introduce some of them to you…

The first is BigWordsBlog. This is a beautiful woman who took it upon herself earlier in the week to start a campaign around the I Love Equal Love button that she created. She encouraged all bloggers who support Equality to post the button on their page. See mine to the right (and above). How fucking brilliant is that! So simple, so smart, so profound. You will see this button everywhere now in the blogosphere. Mums like Bianca have a phenomenal impact on this debate.

Next on my Hero list is Holly_Homemaker. Direct, succinct, her message is as clear as a bell. Miss Holly is another one of the amazing mummy-bloggers who uses her page to speak her mind and make an impact. You can see from this post she says and does whatever she thinks, and you gotta respect that. Here is her post on gay marriage.

So you are starting to see why it gives me the shits that the morons mentioned at the top get any media attention.

TwitchyCorner is a brilliant writer. She posted this week on Gay Marriage. My favourite line was on the seperation of church and state… “It’s just that I fail, and will always fail, to see how organised faith has any right to impinge upon the laws and freedoms of the wider, secular population.” You rock Twitchy, could not agree more. Here is her post…

Faerinelda is a longtime Twitter buddy, and she’s all over this one like a rash. She’s a good woman! My favourite line is “Your religion may shout against it, your heart may not like it and your head might not understand it but just so you know, this is exactly how I feel about people who make pavlova with low fat cream! gasp.”

Macsnorky is very cool! So is her blog. She sings from the same hymn book as BigWordsBlog. I love these women!

Before we head off to speak with some of my favourite gayers I want Mrs Woog to put her own special Woogsworld spin on this debate. Mrs Woog marched with us last Saturday. Her post that day was inspired!

See there are heroes everywhere in our communities who are trying to make a difference and rid of us inequality. I have so much respect for them, so much respect!

And now over to the gays, cause god knows I LOVE THE GAYS!! Arrjaydub is a friend of mine, and is much smarter than me and better with words. He has penned a truly brilliant piece in retaliation to Cruella Devine. His words need to be read by as many people as possible! For he is genius!

“It was about getting together with a group of people with the same goal in mind, getting out on the streets and making sure people knew that you were there to support a cause. It was a protest, but it was also a celebration of who we are, and what we're after.” Very wise words from En_gy. And why I love him.

Also taking a very clever stab at Cruelle Devine is comedian, influencer and media guy TomCBallard. I love this. Love it A LOT!

Final word must go to Dr Kerryn Phelps who has been campaigning for many years for the rights of homosexuals. Her measured, eloquent, and at times amusing response to Cruella was remarkable in its refrainment. I’d love for you to read her piece as a fitting end to this celebration of all those who are fighting the good fight. It is only a matter of time before gay marriage is legalised in Australia as we have so many smart, wonderful, compassionate people fighting for the cause.

So lets not be distracted by the freaks who hog the media spotlight. Lets all focus on the men and women who are making a difference in their own communities with their sensible and eloquent words. 

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