Saturday, August 6, 2011

I love a good debate. And an opinion!

I love a good debate! I get off on it! Seriously.

I find nothing more offensive than NOT having an opinion.

Granted, the conversation goes much more smoothly if we are both on the same page, but even if you are not, I want to talk about it. I want to debate.

I’m actually being quite polite here. What I normally say is that there is nothing more offensive than dumb. I equate not having an opinion with being dumb. That sounds very elitist of me but considering I am a country boy, working class to the core, public school my whole life and with no university degree, I hardly qualify as anyone who could consider themselves elitist.

I just love a good debate. I love a discussion. I love it when someone can convince me of something different. I love it even more when I can change the opinion of someone else.

It gets me hard!

I am also incredibly passionate about some subjects (although not always wise). I believe in the ideals and history of the Labor Party and fundamentally disagree with the Liberal Party. I believe in the morals of christianity but I have absolutely no faith in organised religion. I believe with every cell in my body that every human is equal. I will fight, argue and confront anyone who in any way suggests that being born gay is anything other than normal. There is nothing I believe in more than the equality of homosexuals.

But what the hell are you on about today St. Murphy, where is this coming from? Yeah, yeah, sometimes it takes me a while to get to the point.

See something kinda weird happened last night on this blog and on Twitter. I got all fired up, I got angry, I vented. And I loved it. A guest post here by Edenland called “Mum, I’d hate to be gay” had triggered a debate.

An American blog called Feministing posted a link to Edenland’s guest post on St. Murphy. As a result I got a shitload of new traffic from this site. One person posted a completely opposing view (and in my opinion, completely misguided) to the heartfelt story from Edenland, then quite a few people agreed with it. Well, VeggieMama and I were having none of that and started talking about it on Twitter and posting on this blog. More people joined the debate, I openly encouraged it. Cause as you now know I love a good debate.

What made this even more relevant for me was that when this story was originally posted I had some friends express to me privately a similar sentiment to the antagonist last night – MadGastronomer. At the time I thought it was odd/wrong but now I’ve come to understand it better.

This conversation around gay equality has so much to do with what your own personal experience is. Edenland and I are of the same generation, a similar upbringing, a comparible young adult life. While we are only new friends we already know that we have shared experiences. No wonder that a self-penned story like this can ring so true, and so boldly, for both of us. I loved her words and I love that this is her story. I also love that her words and story can generate a reaction in others.

We are not saying you are definitively wrong if you disagree with us, but we will most certainly argue our own opinion and share our own experience. What I now understand better is that your perception of this story can vary greatly depending on your own experience and your generation.

What is most important to me is that we are discussing equality. What got me most excited about this debate was that in the most general terms we were all on the same page. We all agree that homosexuals should not be discriminated against for being born gay. We all agree that children should be taught acceptance and equality.  It was only in the detail that we challenged each other.

For me, this is incredibly positive! Of course, the readership of Feministing and St. Murphy are always going to be more enlightened than your average citizen but still I am greatly encouraged.

Words are an incredibly powerful tool to share opinions and create debate. Just as powerful are actions. If you want to take action for equality and be a part of the upcoming Gay Marriage rally in Sydney I would love for you to join us on the day.

DEBATE! DEBATE! DEBATE! Only good can come from it.

And please feel free to argue with me anytime you want here at St. Murphy. While I always feel that I am right, I can also be convinced that I am not.

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