Thursday, August 18, 2011

The post you have when you don't really post...

I feel dumb when I don't have anything to say. It's weird that I never shut up - at all - but it's a very different thing turning verbal diarrhea into anything that resembles a post. This is what I am learning about blogging.

So today I am protecting you from what would have only been a bad rehashing of some dumb, half-assed story and not really posting. Well, you certainly couldn't call this a post could you?

But I'm in full-blogging mode at the moment, really loving and enjoying it, so felt dumb that I wouldn't have anything here today. These words are too ease my own conscious, plain and simple.

So in the grand scheme of things please ignore today, but tomorrow I've got something I think is pretty darn cool. It's a post about diverting everyone's attention from the crazy people and introducing you to some very cool ones.

See you tomorrow, xoxoxo

St. Murphy

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