Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I want to be smart and clever and have a Big Gay Sign!

I so need your help. I’m not very clever with punchy one-liners. I can write a press release in my sleep and my story-telling could put you to sleep. But for me to come up with something short and sweet and on message is near impossible.

So I’m calling on you for help!

This weekend there is a Gay Marriage protest rally in Sydney and I’m so into it! I am sick of not having the same rights as everyone else. I’ve got my ‘Marriage Is So Gay’ t’shirt but what I want is a big kickass sign as well. Or a chant! How cool a rally-bitch would I be if I turned up with my own chant. I’d goddamn lead the parade. But lets focus on the sign for the moment…

Community Action Against Homophobia and Australian Marriage Equality are organising the rally for 1pm this Saturday so we don’t have much time. I’m putting together a posse to attend and hopefully there will be pre-drinks, a post-lunch, leading into evening cocktails. Well, protesting can be exhausting so we need our sustenance. Lucky I also have a hip flask for the trek up Oxford St.

But back to my Big Gay Sign. I’m thinking it needs to be something extremely smartass. An old school friend co-incidentally sent this website through to me yesterday which is perfect inspiration (thanks Nick!). I’ve ‘lifted’ a few of my favourites for this blog post.

And in case I haven’t been very clear on this blog before, the reason this is important to me is that it is fucking ridiculous that in 2011 we still do not have equality for homosexuals in Australia. I pay taxes, I vote, I work hard, I obey most laws – so why the hell does my government care who I fall in love with? I hate that religious organizations have so much influence on the debate on this subject and I just wish commonsense would prevail. Our relationships are just as important as everyone elses, time to change the laws.


Ok, enough ranting, you know how I feel.

But I still need your help with a slogan? If you have any ideas I would love love love to hear them. Get bitchy, get smartassy, get clever, get sincere, get heartfelt – I’m easy. Please help me make up for my own inadequacies. No idea is a bad idea.

And if you want to be a part of the protest on Saturday that would be even more brilliant! Just let me know. Would love to have as many there as possible. And it will end with a cocktail!

Thanks ya’ll.

**Pics from www.happyplace.com

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