Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Top 5 Favourites!

Just having a bit of a reflective moment with this blog today. Been bashing away here for just on six months; some of it cool, some of it sad, some of it just plain boring and stupid.  Got me thinking about what my five favourite posts have been. Here’s what I think they are! How I’ve judged it is a mix of what I’ve loved writing, what has meant the most to me to post and also what have been the most shared.
In no particular order…

Favourite ‘No purpose at all’ Post

I find that this blog ends up like a bit of journal for me. This is one of those diary entries, and it has a little bit of everything.

Favourite ‘Listen to me, I’ve got something to say’ Post

This is the one I’m most proud of wirting cause it’s a subject that means a hell of a lot to me. Took me ages to pull this one together. Some posts can be knocked out in no time, this one required a lot of work. I hope the mes

Favourite Guest Post

A beautiful, heartfelt story from a very strong man, Arrjaydub. One of the most read and one that I am so proud to have on this page.

Favourite Story

This was just heaps of fun and I loved that people liked the story. Need to do more stuff like this me thinks.

Favourite Post

This one was amazingly easy to write but the absolute hardest to share. By far the most read thing ever on this page. This one taught me a lot about blogging, most importantly that genuine, authentic words are what people want to read.


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