Friday, July 8, 2011

"How would you like that?" My days as a Bank Teller

“Good morning State Bank Griffith, St. Murphy speaking…”

I used to be a Bank Teller! Oh the irony! Many who know me now will be in fits of laughter cause I am possibly the most un-Bank Tellerish person ever now.

For one, Bank Tellers are polite and focused on customer service. Me, I’m a rude bitch who’s lucky to remember a simple please or thank you. Bank Tellers are efficient, organised and good with numbers. Well I’m the polar opposite.

“How would you like that?”

But just over 20 years ago I was a very different man. I had just finished Yr 12, I was completely obsessed with swimming and triathlons and I had only just tasted alcohol for the first time. I was a non-smoker AND I was sleeping with women (well, a few anyway). I was on the cusp of manhood and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had deferred a Business degree while I worked out if this was for me. And kept swimming, cycling, running.

“Would you like me to order you another cheque book?”

I’d always loved the idea of having a job where I got to wear a tie each day, so when the State Bank of NSW Griffith Branch junior-junior-junior job came up I knew it was for me (plus the manager was a friend of the family hehehehe). I remember being so excited on my first day when they gave me two free ties, each in their own box, that I was to wear with my new white dress shirts and navy slacks. They even gave me a belt with a beautiful silver buckle. The State Bank seemed so POSH to this 18 year old.

“Bags not counting the coin.”

Now I can’t really remember much about the job, or what it really involved. I remember I sat in front of a big machine for ages when I first started and fed in cheques, withdrawals and deposit slips. I also remember that there were lots of checklists and reports. I was beside myself with excitement when I finished Teller training and finally got to stand up at the counter. Jeez I remember it being so much fun. But as is always the way during important times in your life, it’s not about what you are doing but the people you are doing it with.

“Boss, I seem to be out $900?”

My fellow Tellers where the hottest Italian beauties in town! Leader of the pack was Carmel, gorgeous, and my lovelies Venera, Lynette, Joanna and Lisa, plus ‘part-timers’ Linda and Sharon (although Sharon is not Italian). Went to all their weddings and 21st’s during this time. Had fantastic, fun bosses Ninetta, Loretta and Jacqui. Had a ball! Being a Bank Teller was brilliant fun. My two favourite customers were Dimity Parr who I thought was unbelievably glamorous cause she’d just won Miss Showgirl at the Royal Easter Show and Jane McCarthy cause she flirted outrageously and gave me a leopard skin g-string.

“I hate Fridays. I hate stying open an extra hour till 5pm.”

Ahhhh, good times! One year turned into two but I finally had worked out I wanted to do something in media and had been accepted into Uni. I sobbed like a baby on my last day, an absolute baby. I still have my farewell gift from the staff which was a gold fish to hang on the gold chain I got for my 18th, and the beautiful Carmella bought me a diamond ear-ring. Yep, still have them. (I had just got my ear pierced on my first ever trip to Sydney on my own to accept the State Bank Country Sportsperson of the Year Award!!!) Everyone wears gold in Griffith.

“Carmel, I can’t find my keys to the safe!”

So why am I taking this trip down memory lane today? Well, I’ve just arrived home in Griffith for the State Bank Reunion! So excited! We’ve all kinda sorta kept in contact over the years but have not all been together since 1993. Venera has organised, champion effort, and now it looks like there’s gonna be about 50 people. Mum still had in storage my ties and name badge which I will be wearing very proudly on Saturday night – one tie around my neck, one as a belt and I’m thinking one as a head band. What a night it’s going to be!

I only wish that being a Bank Teller had of taught me to be better with money. Or how to steal it.

“I hate pension day”


Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

I would love to work in a bank.
Just so I can be so friendly that people want to stab me and then say 'Was my service a 10/10?'
Oh, not to mention being surrounded by money all day long.!!
Have fun at your reunion.!! :) :) x

Jane said...

OMFG, i CANNOT believe i was named, flirted outrageously with you??? What a crock, just because i went AY and timed it so you would be there and kept my fingers crossed you would be my teller does not mean i flirted with you, maybe the fact that i would look in the door and see if you were serving and lurk outside until you were free gave me away!!

Ohhh how i miss those bank days, you made it so much more fun, and yes ok i do admit i was a shocking flirt, absolutely shocking


ST. MURPHY said...

Jane I absolutely LOVE that you read it, LOVE IT!!!! I just wish I still had the g-string you gave me, I'd wear it with pride. Hope you are well love, xoxoxo

Jane said...

Darling, i read your blog religiously every second day with my coffee and ciggie hehehhe, except some days when its with a baileys!!!

So sad you don't have that g-string anymore, i still remember buying that, believe me the looks i got from the people at a certain unnamed shop in Griffith still haunt me to this day!

Have a wonderful night tonight

Anonymous said...

St. Murphy So I was a great boss not bossy as you put it a thousand times tonight what a great night now for the next adventure to visit the ferrets with Wylong.mwahxx from "White Oprah"

ST. MURPHY said...

Nin, or 'White Oprah, I love you! Had a ball. Post about our night will be tomorrow. Got a bit distracted yesterday. xoxoxo

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