Sunday, June 5, 2011

I love you purple nail polish! I love you Belvedere!

This story begins and ends with Belvedere Vodka. Why, because it’s the best. Fact!

I don’t know if I’ve shared this before but I love getting my nails done. It’s a real treat. It’s a special occasion thing that I like to do and always with a splash of colour. For events such as birthdays, Xmas parties, etc, I always have a manicure and theme the colour with my outfit. Is that the gayest thing you’ve ever heard? I hope so.

I have the divine Miss Melbourne staying at Man Pit this weekend and whenever she’s in town we pop ourselves off for mani/pedi’s cause that’s how the glamour-set role. We normally go to Lily’s but again today they couldn’t fit us in – and to think we made that place! – so instead we hit Deluxe Nails on Crown. Their chairs aren’t as comfy but they do have a quality OPI selection. And they do a decent nail.

This time I’ve decided on a vibrant purple as it’s my current ‘it’ colour. And I’d already planned my Saturday night wardrobe around it. Miss M has taught me that we only do OPI polish, it’s the best, and my shade of purple is called Can You Dig It?.  Oh yes I can, its heaven.

I did feel sorry for the poor woman when she whipped out the scraper-thing that cleans under your nails. Had a brief moment when I was shit scared what she’d find or what smell she’d trigger but no need for concern, my hygiene appears to be better than I’d suspected. The best part about a manicure is the hand massage. At Lily’s they go right up your arm but today I only got a token finger pull. Lucky I didn’t fart.

Now this is a very polished polish application! You can see my eagerness from fingertip to wrist. Purple is a truly brilliant colour and I swear it brings out the chocolate brown of my eyes. I’m practically a supermodel in purple nail polish. Such a shame it’s not more socially and professionally accepted for men to wear nail polish, such a shame. If it was I’d have a different colour every week. Instead I’ll be off to Coles for some nail polish remover later today so that I am back to my corporatish yuppie-wannabe self by Monday 9am to re-enter the work environment.

Miss Melbourne is very happy with her shellacking. And no it’s not the shellacking your dirty mind is thinking. It’s a new polish technique that lasts longer. Miss M has gone with a dramatic dark deep greyish colour. I’m calling it Midnight On A Winters Eclipse for the sake of this blog. Now I don’t want to alarm you but my purple obsession is getting a little ridiculous. Not long ago I found myself on a plane with purple shoes, purple watch and purple T’shirt. Look at my combination yesterday after Deluxe had worked there magic…

To celebrate our new nail colour we bought some of our favourite vodka, Belvedere, to toast our glamorousness! We are quite the vodka connoisseurs Miss M and I and there is no question that Belvedere is our best friend. Yes it may coast a little extra but the smoothness is so worth it. To say nothing of the fact it DOES NOT GIVE YOU A HANGOVER! That’s how smooth my dear Belvedere is. Worth every cent! Plus, we we're having people over last night and I wanted them to think I'm posh.

Nothing makes me happier than sipping Belvedere on the balcony of Man pit with its gorgeous city views and admiring my beautiful purple nail polish with Miss Melbourne beside me. Gay much?

I love you purple nail polish!

I love you Belvedere!

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Anonymous said...

lol.... love it.... gay your heart out in purple and whatever your heart desires....Carmela

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