Thursday, June 16, 2011

About to lose my blogging virginity!

I love blogging. One of the things I love most about blogging is other bloggers!

I’ve still got my training wheels on when it comes to this stuff but there has been one absolutely brilliant thing to come out of St. Murphy – becoming part of the blogging community. I can not believe how amazingly supportive and funny and genuine and entertaining and helpful bloggers are. Through this little computer I’ve been introduced to the worlds of all of these amazing people and so many of them have reached back.

Just go to any blog and you’ll see links to other blogs that they are reading and recommending. Bloggers direct people to read other blogs that they themselves enjoy. Everyone comments one each others posts and re-tweets each others links. It’s this one giant circle of blogging-love. I had to tweet out some love this week to two of my main squeezes cause so many people were coming to my page via theirs. Then I was so flattered and excited later in the week when I got some similar feedback from two bloggers I love. That sense of community just makes blogging so special and it warms the cockles of my heart.

You are literally never alone when you are blogging. It's actually real hard to explain. I had no idea about this community before I started this page back in Feb, or that this was how blogging worked. It’s this whole other layer of satisfaction that you get from sharing your stories. The people I have come into contact with and the stories they share have inspired and entertained me so much this past few months, now I am completely addicted.

So it was time to take my growing love of blogging to a whole new level and lose my blogging virginity. In other words, attend a blogging event.

I heard from my blogging-bestie Mrs Woog that this conference had just been announced in Melbourne. I started buzzing – this could be my chance to really immerse myself in this world. I checked out the website and signed up immediately. It’s the NuffNang Blogopolis 2011 and I CAN NOT WAIT!

Then it all kind of happened real quick. So many people who’s blogs or tweets I follow were also signing up around the same time. There were also some gorgeous people who I’ve already been lucky enough to meet who were also signing up. Suddenly for me this event is the coolest thing ever. SO excited! Not only by the stuff that is going on at the conference but more importantly for the people I will be going with. We have already decided there will be many martini’s.

And one of the sessions is on improving blog content so I’m sure that will be music to the ears of the people I force or guilt into reading this page. I’m also hoping it will help me work out what the hell I’m doing on here. You may have noticed it can be a little bit scatty. I have got so much to learn.

So Blogopolis is gonna be HOT! How’s that for a fabulous way to lose your blogging virginity!

Just to finish up, a huge and sincere thank you to all my little blogging mates who’ve just been so welcoming of me into their community.

Woogsworld, Jo Blogs, Styling You, Edenland, So Now What, Wanderlust and Daisy Roo and Two - you are the HOTTEST bitches in town!


Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Whoooot! Have fun!! Thanks for that! Just so you know, I've got a bit of a bloggy crush on you!! And Again you put me in all that hot company! Drink about a zillion martinis for me, puh-lease. And maybe a Gin, Lime & Soda too, okie dokes!

whatsinemmasbrain said...

So Bummed I am not going.... Have a cherry popping great time :)

So Now What? said...

Will be fun popping your blogging cherry Mr St Murphy xxx

Twitchy said...

You and I are on the exact same timeline my friend. I also started regularly blogging back in Feb (when my husband romantically registered my site for Valentine's Day- $9 a bargain :o) and Blogopolis will also be my first Blogger's event.

Like yours, mine's been a very positive experience so far, with writing practise and connecting with others. Now I just need to work out how to do a back up and protect from hackers!

See you at Blogopolis, Martini Man!

Ms Styling You said...

Bring. It. On. Think we'll be able to make a movie, The Blogover? Love your work, St. Murphy x

Grenglish said...

I'm off to Cybermummy next Saturday - will be my first blogger event too! It's so excited. Don't forget to get your blogger business cards made up!!

Have so much fun and I can't wait to read all about it.


Ames said...

Such a good place to lose your blog virginity. I'm so bummed I can't come :(

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