Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slap! Reality Check.

Firstly, who said Australia was homophobic? Gays may not be able to marry but there’s a long weekend to celebrate the Queens. I love Kate and Will as much as anyone but I’m a Republican at heart so I’m ignoring any Queen other than my people. Thanks for the long weekend to celebrate us!

It may seem like three random stories today but I promise it will all make sense in the end. Stick with me, have faith...

I sat down on my beloved couch at approx 9pm on Friday night and got off again at approx 12noon on Sunday. Yes, I rolled myself into bed both nights but that was at the very last moment before my eyes shut only to quickly return upon waking. Had a fridge full of gourmet snacks, Belvedere vodka and some B&H on the outdoor table. There is nothing either Little Sammy or I could want for. Had both heaters going all weekend creating a very cozy Man Pit. Jeez I watched some brilliant television and ate myself up two sizes.

First night/day/night was all Law & Order, no shock there. Then the absolute highlight! My new friend Arrjaydub brought over the entire first series of Downton Abbey. Heaven, so brilliant, this is one of the best TV series ever made. I can not recommend enough. Shame my allegedly gourmet quiche and pork pies were shit otherwise it was a perfect sensory experience. Then I introduced Arrjaydub to another of the all-time greats - West Wing! So much television, so much food. Completely self-indulgent, lazy, luxurious few days.
Third all-time greatest television series.
Potts Point.
I am so confused by Potts Point! I like neat little descriptions for things so that I can easily sort in my head. Potts Point confuses the hell out of me. It is such a weird mix of just about everything. Gorgeous gourmet deli’s next door to a shop where you can buy a 12 inch dildo. Beautiful homewares stores half a block down from a sordid strip bar. And the people on the streets reflect this. Mostly it’s your standard Eastern Suburbs glamour-set with their fur collars, designer denim and giant sunglasses. But then around the corner you have the complete contrast of anorexic strippers and giant scary bouncers. I also smell the whiff of a methadone clinic. So confused.

Mark David Jones took me exploring yesterday, and of course we were exploring for food and drinks – it’s what we do best. Mr MDJ took me for my first experience of Fratelli Paradiso. I whinged my way through a 15minute wait for a table before we had a gorgeous, generous lunch of calamari, pasta and steak. The food was divine, so were our vodka’s and wine. We didn’t bat an eyelid at our Monday lunch bill before heading to Green Park Hotel for a quiet afternoon drink. Just a lovely, lovely afternoon. Thanks Mr MDJ.
Fratelli Paradiso
Monday Night.
Reality check. Some nights when Little Sammy and I go for our evening walk we pass the line-up of disadvantaged men and women who are waiting for the kind and compassionate people who deliver their evening meal. This is embarrassing to admit but I always have a brief moment where I check where my phone and wallet are. Normally there are about 30+ people lining up. Last night there were about 60-70, possibly more. We can walk around with blinkers on sometimes, claim ignorance and pretend not to see what un-nerves us; last night was different. It was a sobering wake-up call. At the risk of sounding patronising, it really broke my heart.

It has been so cold and so wet all weekend. Where have these guys been, how have they stayed warm? You can imagine after a weekend like that they would be aching for a hot meal. No wonder numbers were so high last night. No wonder there were so many men and women politely lined up with their possessions - first in, first served – for the chance at some comfort. I was feeling like a fat, lazy pig after a weekend of pure indulgence, excess and comfort. All while there were at least 70 men and women in my neighbourhood who were struggling to find any sort of comfort. Slap, huge reality check.

For all my whinging and moaning here at St. Murphy I am one of the incredibly lucky and fortunate ones who really has not a care in the world.

Signing up for volunteer work with Father Chris Riley's first thing today.
Father Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets food van (Google Image pic)


So Now What? said...

Good on you. Often feel bad not giving a bit. When kids were in the hospital they had this thing called Radio Lollipop which is like a little radio studio & activities for the kids. They ask for volunteers and I signed up but have never made it there. You've just reminded me to stop being so freaking self involved and to come good on my word. An unexpected grateful smile has to be one of the best things hey.

PS, I steamed wallpaper off walls all weekend. Yours sounds more fun. Bern xx

Ellie said...

Good job. I really wanted to join a local one we have here but it is affiliated with a relgious group with whom I dont share ideals with (you know the ones that try to reform the gays etc). So I just donate money when I can.

You must totally get onto The Tudors. The eye candy is frabulous.

If Henry Cavill does not rock your world then I will...cry. Season 1 & 2 are fantastic kind of tapers in season 3 for me.

Ms Styling You said...

St Murphy ... love you even more. 7PM Project also touched on the homeless issue last night - 105,000 people in Australia don't have homes. How is that possible in a First World country? Makes me very sad.

Mrs M said...

I used to work across the road from Matthew Talbot hostel. And those men were some of the nicest people you'd ever meet. And they ever wanted from me was a chat.

My daughter has joined Minnie Vinnies. She's organising a blanket drive this week at school.

On a lighter note, I attended my 20 year high school reunion. Got home at 4.30am much to my daughter's dismay. Just like highschool days only then it was my mother's dismay.

Love & stuff
Mrs M

edenland said...

Even more in love with you after reading this. More people need to think this way, sweetheart. That Father Riley is a genuine, gorgeous, giving man.

Helping others is the real key to a happy life.


ST. MURPHY said...

Locked to work with Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets food van. Slightly redeems my over-indulgence. Will post details later if anyone else is interested in volunteering. x

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