Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday Bloody Mary Sunday

I love a lazy Sunday. Saturday’s are good too, but I always feel like I should be doing something on a Saturday. Not a Sunday; no issues with being a lazy cow on a Sunday.

But yesterday was quite frantic on the scale of Sunday’s. I think I did about 4 things – AMAZING! No wonder I’m exhausted. But they were all good and the reason why I LOVE Sunday’s.

First off, its about sleeping. My bed is so unbelievably comfortable. I love it more than I love myself in it.
I love you bed.
Sundays are also about the phone calls home, Granted I speak with home 2-3 times a week but always on a Sunday, especially on Mother’s Day.

Took the kids for a long, long walk. Was going to show Jackson the Opera House for the first time but the Domain was being over-run by yummy-mummy's on some sort of charity walk so they only got as far as the Art Gallery.

Man Pit needed a spruce up so did some vacuuming. St. Murphy needed a spruce up so did some moisturizing.

Now if you want something real cool to do in Sydney than walk the length of Crown St, so cool And if you squint your eyes just slightly you'd think you were in New York.

Than it was VODKA TIME! And by vodka, I mean Bloody Mary time. Hamish von Trapp with is first Bloody Mary of the afternoon.
Yes, they serve them in tomato cans - GENIUS!!!!!!!!!
Beer Garden @ Norfolk!
Met the girls for drinking and fooding at the Norfolk. It’s cause we’re so inner-city. But seriously, I don't understand why anyone lives anywhere but Syd-a-ney! And speaking of food... God I love it when I don't have to cook it myself. And nothing better than a Schnitz on Sunday!

Food was good. But nothing compared to the company. My inner-circle is the best inner-circle a middle-aged & slightly overweight queen could ask for. So fucking funny!
Lucky Paulie, Miss Cal, Irish Mark and Hamish von Trapp
And because we all mildly enjoy each others company we had a few more of these...
Fresh lime only in that thanks!
But before you know it, the sun went down and the fairy lights came on!
Goddamn I love a Sunday! Best day of the week. Almost makes me regret all those weekends I spent Sunday in seedy Day Clubs. I loved you Manacle!

And then of course its Sunday night and you should never be anywhere but your couch on a Sunday night. In your 'after-5's' or as you may know them, your trackies...
Yep, me on the couch with my boys watching TV... Again!
Jeez I love a Sunday! best day of the week!

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KayLee Aaah said...

Firstly please DO view my comment from yesterday…. T’was my first time reading you and I am most interested…

Secondly how DARE you refer to cows as lazy? Perhaps a bull is, but cows? A bull occasionally humping a female is surely a leisurely pastime, but do you know how much effort it takes to be milked for days on end?????

To be truthful…. I don’t know myself, being a barren dyke (no, not an empty body of water). But certainly although I have never breastfed, I am sure it is draining both physically and emotionally. And how can cud be a reward? Chewing it the first time can’t be all that great, so why repeat the process….

Sunday’s ARE fabulous. (Unless you call Telstra about a bill, which personally, I recommend finding a diversion in doing on any day of the week).

On Sunday, you can plan for Monday. Reminisce about Saturday. Put off Wednesday! Try and forget Friday night, and hope the authorities will also. Attempt to successfully organize Tuesday, which is always the reason for putting off Wednesday. And thank the powers that be late night shopping was approved in the suburbs, so that you can enjoy Thursday in an extended fashion.

Did I say Sunday’s are fabulous????

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