Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fabulous Winter Couch-Wear Fashion brought to you by St. Murphy

I am about to shock and astound you with some of the most brilliant Winter fashions you will ever see! Forget Vogue, St. Murphy is the new home of fashion!

Now regular readers will know how much I love winter and how much I love my couch. This fashion spread combines the two; Couch-wear Fashion! I have never been so excited to post on St. Murphy. Lets get started. First up is the soon-to-be world famous Icelandic knitting factory, Vík Prjónsdóttir. I was introduced to this amazing design house by the glamorous Hamish von Trapp, owner of leiderhosen, JPG man-skirt and a paisley velour suit; he sets all trends! This is their signature piece... The Shield Of Wings.
Shield of WIngs!
And more importantly, here is Hamish on Trapp modelling his very own Shield of Wings! Purchased for an extortionate amount of money from a Melbourne store. Absolutely perfect for winter nights on the couch - and flying through your lounge room!
Hamish von Trapp in full flight!
And don’t think the glamour stops there. Vík Prjónsdóttir have a phenomenal catalogue of products. Please enjoy some of my personal favourites, all classic winter couch-wear.
The Seal Pelt

The Twosome Blanket
The Gentlemen Bearded Cap
A gaggle of Beard Caps
Hamish von Trapp sharing his recent purchase was the catalyst for a search on other up and coming couch-wear designers. There are quite a few! My next personal favourite is the duvet suit from Lazy Patch – HEAVEN!!! Its designed so beautifully you could even leave the house in this baby when you run out of Diet Coke or chocolate.
As modelled by my radio-crush Wippa
Now many will be familiar with the classic Snuggie. The exciting news is they’ve introduced a designer range. I just love love love this designer camouflage Snuggie. It’s very butch couch-wear.
So unbelievably butch! I think this will be my choice.
You always learn so much from Hamish von Trapp. He has also predicted the Monkey Tail Beard will be a hit this winter. Me, I’m not so convinced. Not for me primarily because I am too lazy. If you have the time to master the shape than good luck to you. I’d love to see them on the street or on a shop assistant in Westfield Bondi Junction – that would make my year.
Monkey Tail Beard
And to wrap up my winter fashion spread, lets have Miss Call modeling the Shield of Wings while pulling off the female version of the Monkey Tail Beard.

Heaven! All to be seen in the pages of Vogue soon. Now I just need to decide what to buy for my couch-time...


Nicstar said...

ohhhh I want a SNUGGIE! My dad nearly bought me one, but I got slippers instead. So gonna have to purchase a snuggie!

Did you know that the rooftop bar at Zanzibar in Newtown had Snuggies to hire through winter last year....wonder if they still do thinking thats where I should be hanging out through winter...!

Hamish von Trapp said...

the suit was velvet, not velour! :-)

I'm glad the weather has turned cold finally, as I think it deserves a showing this winter. I've even taken out the pants, so they are a little more comfortable.

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