Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Delights: gifts that keep on giving

Now my beautiful North Shore Princess came to Man Pit for dinner last night (thanks once again to the pizza place downstairs for catering). Ms North Shore is phenomenally good at retaining weird pop culture stuff, always has been. She shared with me a number of delights which I would now love to share with you!

Now is it just me or this this the most phallic piece of exercise equipment ever! I desperately want to buy one. Keep an eye out for the look on the guys face towards the end - absolutely priceless.

Now my second favourite of the many 'unique' vids she showed me already has a special place in my heart. I recently did my wrap up of this winter's most fabulous couch fashion - I wish I had of known about this little gem when I wrote that post. It's much better than the classic Shield of Wings or the new designer Snuggie primarily because you don't have to take it off to do a shit. Genius!

We discovered this gem together. Now I am not a woman so maybe this one is beyond me. But I simply do not understand the physics of this. I do not understand..
A. Why boobs are so uncomfortable to sleep with,
B. How the hell this contraption would help at all.

And now something completely repulsive and disturbing to leave with you. The breastfeeding of an 8 year old. Sorry to have to share, but there is good in it - it will make everyone realise that there are definitely worse parents out there than yourself! Like I said... DISGUSTING!


Ellie said...

That lazy little git needs to learn how to open the cupboard and get a cup...shudders...

And I thought Couch fashion was your best post ever this one comes very very close.

Twitchy said...

Oh. Dear. x 3 (or *spit coffee*, Huh? and EEEEEWwwww".
PS. Have my pizza delivered to: the pink Forever Lazy, my couch. But don't expect me to open the bloody door for you. You can fling it onto the coffee table through the slot in the open window where I've left your money.

Nicstar said...

they look like teletubbies!!!

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