Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blonde Bombshell Has Sleep-Over At Man Pit!

So I’ve been at Man Pit just over a month now – loving it! The best news was about two weeks ago when I finally got permission for my oldest (but smallest) son, Sam, to come live with me. He has taken to Man Pit like a lifeguard to Speedo's. The two of us are very happy.

As exciting as it is to have one of my sons come and live with me, my other son, the blonde bombshell Jackson, stayed with his biological Daddy in the far south suburbs. We don’t get to see him very often, he’s got his paws full keeping Aschapelle (artist formerly know as exBoyfriend) on the straight and narrow.

But last night we had a house-guest! Sammy and I were so excited, well, me a lot more so than Sam. Jackson was coming to the inner-city for a sleep-over and it was Jackson’s first visit to Man Pit.

After doing a frantic lap of the carpark I finally coaxed him into the elevator. He then went nuts in the corridor and did a quick reverse-catwalk up to Man Pit. Upon entry it was like he was on some bad speed at a rave. CRAZY!!! Sniffing everything, manicly running from one corner to another, getting the lay of the land. All the time with Little Sammy chasing him just a few steps behind (Sam has always had trouble keeping up, he’s got short legs just like Daddy-St.Murphy).

Jackson quickly found his old favourite spot - my bed! I’m sure that’s because he could smell me there, well so my maternal instinct tells me.

So eventually to calm them both down I whipped out some My Dog. Both sons are dirty pigs when it comes to their food – no chance either of them will ever have an eating disorder – just like their dads! How cute are they munching down together at Man Pit.

Then it came to lounge time. Now Jackson is incredibly territorial and has always growled if Sam has been presumptuous enough to try for some love from Daddy-St.Murphy. Nothing has changed since we’d all last been together, even though this is Sammy’s home. Jackson got the lounge and Sammy got the floor.

Took some convincing but finally got them both up on the lounge so that we could all be contented together – Sam and Jackson watching some Law & Order SVU’s while I tapped-tapped-tapped away on this ol’ blog.

I love Man Pit but jeez I don’t know if its gonna be big enough for the three of us! Especially when Jackson dribbles on my new cushions like this...

Very, very happy my little family is back together, very happy indeed!


Mrs Woog said...

Soooo cute! Are you couch cuddling all weekend? x

A Keeper said...

Those dogs are gorgeous! What did they make of the splits? ;) xx

Hear Mum Roar said...

Jesus Christ! How do you manage to have two dogs and an intact lounge? I'm a little pissed, I must say. lol. But they are soo cute! I love dogs.

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